Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Blue jet

This is something that you are not going to see with your own eyes as it tends to happen above thunderstorms and it only ever lasts for a matter of milliseconds. It is believed that it is when energy is being transferred between layers in the atmosphere although it does not explain why it is blue.

Blue jet-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

2.St Elmo's fire

This is a type of lightning will often be seen on planes or lightning rods, but it is not as dangerous as you think. It is all to do with plasma and charges, but you will see that it just appears out of nowhere and does not connect with anything else.

St Elmo's fire-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

3.Snow donuts

To get these snow donuts you do need to have the absolute perfect weather conditions. For this you need a hill, some wind, snow that is not compact, and the temperature must be around freezing. Basically you then need the snow to blow around and through nature you will eventually get these donuts.

Snow donuts-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

4.Giant hailstones

As you can imagine, giant hailstones can cause a lot of damage both to property as well as us humans due to the sheer size and the speed at which they hit you. They are made by compacted snow being blown upwards and becoming more compacted before they need to hit the ground again.

Giant hailstones-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena


Never mind looking amazing, this looks scary. This supercell is actually the result of an updraft that is continually rotating at the centre of a huge thunderstorm. They can occur without tornados and can ultimately produce a lot of rain or hail as well as pretty impressive winds.

Supercell-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

6.Katabatic winds

These winds are formed when you have a cool surface and the air immediately above it is being cooled down as well due to radiation. This sudden drop in temperature will then cause the speed of the air to increase leading to katabatic winds that can at times match hurricane speeds.

Katabatic winds-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

7.Gravity wave

This photograph will probably hurt your eyes, but it actually shows a wave cloud in the sky rather than waves in the ocean. You have to admit that they are unusual and there is a good chance you will have never seen them because if you did, then surely you would never forget it?

Gravity wave-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

8.Ball lightning

This type of lightning is not only in a ball, but it also moves a lot slower as the normal version as well. We are not that sure as to how it is caused, but it can be huge and it is also capable of causing a lot of damage if it does indeed hit anything.

Ball lightning-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

9.Fire rainbow

This is extremely rare and indeed you will only see it when the sun is very high and the light then passes through thin wispy clouds called cirrus clouds that are also at the same height. These clouds have a lot of ice crystals and the result is this colorful display.

Fire rainbow-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena

10.Noctilucent clouds

These clouds are so cool, but you need to look out for them at dusk in order to see them properly. They are high up in the atmosphere and they manage to reflect the last remnants of light that are hanging around and the outcome is that you believe they are lighting up the sky, but with no actual source to help them along the way.

Noctilucent clouds-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena


This is formed in pretty much the same way as a rainbow as it is all due to moisture that is actually being refracted in the atmosphere. This then creates this shape as it goes around the sun although for some strange reason it can also happen around the moon as well.

Haloes-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena


A mirage is of course most commonly found in hot weather and in particular in a desert. It is caused by the way in which light is actually being refracted leading to it creating an image that is not actually there leading to the absolute confusion of whoever it is that thought they saw it.

Mirage-Amazing And Unusual Weather Phenomena



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