Amazing Computer Cases

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:07 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Toilet Computer/PC Case

Creating a PC case like this one, is the best way to keep people from using your computer when you're not around. The toilet structure is amazing and could easily be mistaken for a potty. The dripping feces, however, is just over-the-top and unnecessary. This case looks so disgusting, it makes you wonder how the owner is able to stomach using it without wanting to hurl.

Toilet Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

2.Coffin? Computer/PC Case

This computer case is so well done, that you can almost overlook how morbid it is. The maker didn't just modify the PC tower by turning it into a coffin, but they also modified and attached a monitor as well. At least the monitor has somewhere to rest once it goes kaput.

Coffin? Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

3.Heineken Computer/PC Case

Someone has taken their love for Heineken beer to an obsessive level. This computer case takes on the shape of a typical PC tower, but it has a twist. This case mirrors a box-shaped version of a Heineken keg. And even though there's no beer inside, the contents in this PC are worth much more. With how superb the Heineken logo was accomplished, the creator of this case should be on the brand's payroll.

Heineken Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

4.Bender Computer/PC Case

Bender from Futurama has been turned into a real-life computer. This large than life computer case is made out of metal, but has a lot of personality. Bender's arms and hands were created for decoration, but without them this project would not look polished. The creator even accounted for the PC fan by creating a compartment in his midsection.

Bender Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

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5.Batmobile Computer/PC Case

Someone took a boring rectangular tower and turned into a mind-blowing version of the Batmobile. The case's overall shape and the bright lights is what make this gadget stand out the most. With this pc case, if you ever get bored with the computer games on your system, you can just play with the tower instead.

Batmobile Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

6.Recycle Bin

This computer case is the long lost brother of R2-D2 from Star Wars. Despite its hi-tech appearance, this recycle bin is really a modified computer tower. If it wasn't for the open CD-ROM drive, an onlooker would mistake this device for a robot. The mesh outer layer is a nice touch and aids in preventing the PC from overheating.

Recycle Bin-Amazing Computer Cases

7.Stained Glass Computer/PC Case

This PC case belongs in the window of a church. This computer case mimics a three-dimensional version of a stained glass window. The stained glass artwork is so stunning that you tend to overlook the fact that you can see all of the wires and drives in the tower. The creator even included wooden borders to enhance its window-like appearance.

Stained Glass Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

8.Chopper Computer/PC Case

This vibrant blue computer case is a biker's dream come true. The top portion of the case can distinctly be recognized as the front bender of a standard Chopper. The case itself was executed well, but the transparency of the computer's internal components decreases the tower's overall quality and beauty.

Chopper Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

9.Lego Computer/PC Case

Legos are supposed to be used to build intricate items, so it's only fitting someone would make a computer case using the blocks. The creator didn't just use Legos on the outer shell, but they incorporated them inside the tower as well. Though the wheels make this computer case look like a wagon, the concept is innovative.

Lego Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

10.Toaster Computer/PC Case

This PC case is the spitting image of a stainless steel toaster. The creator of this case went above and beyond to ensure that this faux toaster had the essential characteristics of the real household appliance. Hopefully, the owner keeps this 'appliance' away from the kitchen so no one tries to put a slice of bread in the CD-ROM drive.

Toaster Computer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

11.Dark RoastedComputer/PC Case

This futuristic-looking Dark Roasted case is an eye-catching vision. The person responsible for altering this tower was definitely onto something. The case's overall look and feel resembles something Apple would put on the market. The design is great without being over the top. This case was created in approximately 102 steps.

Dark RoastedComputer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases

12.Battlestar GalacticComputer/PC Case

This computer case is based on the short-lived 2004 show, Battlestar Galactic. The case resembles an old-fashioned microwave oven, but it's actually a re-creation of the ship the humans cruised around in while in space. The distressed look on the 'metal' shell gives the case a dated look. Though this is great to look at, it seems complicated to use.

Battlestar GalacticComputer/PC Case-Amazing Computer Cases



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