All Time Favorite Actors

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 3:51 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Helen Mirren

At sixty-eight, this brazen Brit shows no signs of slowing down. She won an Oscar for her performance in The Queen in 2006 and seems to be picking up momentum rather than lurching toward retirement. Mirren's latest work is in the animated film Monsters University. She does the voice of Dean Hardscrable.

Helen Mirren-All Time Favorite Actors

2.Javier Bardem

Although fairly new to Hollywood, Bardem hasn't taken long to establish himself as an actor with a unique style and presence. He won an oscar for his work in No Country for Old Men and at his current rate may soon boast an entire rack of trophies.

Javier Bardem-All Time Favorite Actors

3.Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington has won two Oscars, one for Training Day and another for 1989's Glory. But these two roles only begin to illustrate the range and depth of this Mount Vernon-born actor. He can be intense, gentle, forbidding, cowardly or savage depending on the role's demands.

Denzel Washington-All Time Favorite Actors

4.Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio was initially dismissed as a pretty boy pin-up idol, but in more recent years, his performances in such films as The Departed, The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained have simply been too intense and overwhelming to ignore. At thirty-eight, he's got many years -- and strong performances -- ahead of him, but even if he never appears in another film, he's carved out a niche that is truly his own.

Leonardo DiCaprio-All Time Favorite Actors

5.Samuel L. Jackson

A veteran of well over a hundred films, Samuel L. Jackson has made a pretty big dent on the acting world. While not all of his performances have been especially memorable, it's hard to think of an actor who has had a bigger impact in recent years. Amazingly, he hasn't won an Oscar -- yet.

Samuel L. Jackson-All Time Favorite Actors

6.Nastassja Kinski

This exotic, German-born actress has mostly starred in movies seen by almost nobody. But her odd moments in the sun have been memorable. She won a Golden Globe for her performance in Paris Texas. And she has won international acclaim for her work in such films as Tess, Cat People and Maria's Lovers.

Nastassja Kinski-All Time Favorite Actors

7.Glenn Close

Had Glenn Close done nothing more with her career than create and give vivid life to Alex, the violent and twisted villainess of Fatal Attraction, that would have been enough for her to achieve legendary status. But there is more. She's been nominated for a total of six Oscars and has had the kind of career that many would boil a rabbit for.

Glenn Close-All Time Favorite Actors

8.Meryl Streep

After establishing herself as a stunning presence on the New York stage, Streep moved to Hollywood in the late seventies and everything changed. Not just everything with her; everything with Hollywood. Few actresses have made a bigger impact on the acting world. She has, to date, won three Academy awards.

Meryl Streep-All Time Favorite Actors

9.Al Pacino

Finding success with the film adaptation of The Godfather, Pacino hasn't looked back since. He ruled Hollywood in the 1970s, and after a lull in the 80s, he's continued to create the kind of performances that can only inspire admiration and envy among his peers. He won an Academy award in 1992 for his performance in Scent of a Woman.

Al Pacino-All Time Favorite Actors

10.Sidney Poitier

This Oscar-winning actor was something of a trailblazer as a Black man in 1960s Hollywood. The film world had never before seen an actor of color command the screen with such dignity, class and compassion. His reign at the top was short-lived, but it was as important as that of any other before him or since.

Sidney Poitier-All Time Favorite Actors

11.Paul Newman

When Paul Newman died in 2008 he was the last of his kind: a matinee idol from the old school of Hollywood, when movie stars were truly stars and they often did with charm alone what younger actors must do with skill. Newman won an Oscar for his performance in The Color of Money and has been nominated for eight others.

Paul Newman-All Time Favorite Actors

12.Marlon Brando

It seems impossible that a man as dangerously charismatic as Brando could have been born in Omaha, Nebraska. Surely an actor blessed with the gift of such elegant mania must have been from someplace more exotic -- like Mars. Brando had, with his deeply emotive work, introduced a truly different kind of acting. And Hollywood has yet to recover from it.

Marlon Brando-All Time Favorite Actors

13.Cary Grant

If charm was a commodity, Grant would have lead the world in exporting it. It often seemed that he wasn't even acting, but merely being himself. But this just illustrates how brilliant he was. He made it look easy, but it couldn't have been. He was born with the name Archibald Leach, but soon realized that such a name would never do for the world's most charming man.

Cary Grant-All Time Favorite Actors

14.Humphrey Bogart

Few actors in Hollywood's rich history exude a sense of cool that compared with Humphrey Bogart's. The star of such classics as The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen and Casablanca was born on Christmas day of 1899. He died at the age of fifty-seven. We can only wonder how much greater he can could have become had he matured into a cantankerous old man.

Humphrey Bogart-All Time Favorite Actors

15.Charlie Chaplain

This English-born actor was a hugely important slapstick performer. He elevated an aspect of vaudeville performance into an art form. In addition to his acting, he wrote, directed, edited, produced and scored his own films, making him one of Hollywood's first one man teams. Not bad for a guy who'd been sent to the workhouse twice before the age of nine.

Charlie Chaplain-All Time Favorite Actors



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