24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 7:15 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.You know what to do if being attacked

If you find yourself being attacked by a shark you do at least know that all you have to do is get it on its back and you will be fine. OK so that is easier said than done, so perhaps it should not be the first thing that you try to do.

You know what to do if being attacked-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

2.Clever dogs

You wonder how dogs are able to come up with this plan on traveling on the subway just to get food. It does show how good their survival instinct is because there are a lot of humans that would be put off with trying to do this in the first place themselves.

Clever dogs-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

3.An albino goldfish?

Does this mean that a goldfish can actually turn albino if you put out the light? It is certainly an interesting idea and it does not actually harm them, but please do not try it at home.

An albino goldfish?-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts


4.They must have been good

Well the others must have been very good if they beat the real thing in a lookalike contest. It also does not say very much for the judges that they were unable to spot him, so were they doing the correct job?

They must have been good-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

5.Soup preferences

You can just imagine the chat that they had when making the movie where they were around a table and discussing the quality of different brands of soup. It does show how keen they were to just get everything absolutely spot on.

Soup preferences-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

6.That is a lot of cake

Imagine knowing that as you are celebrating your birthday that another 9 million people are doing the same. That would be one absolutely massive party to attend and imagine all of the cake that would be needed.

That is a lot of cake-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

7.That is a big difference

The eye is an absolutely amazing thing and the fact that the pupil expands that much when you are looking at something that you like is actually quite astonishing. It really does mean that the eyes cannot lie since we are unable to control this movement.

That is a big difference-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

8.What did it cure?

It is strange to think that ketchup was indeed sold as a medicine because what kind of things did they expect to cure with it? The only thing that we know is that it works well with fries.

What did it cure?-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

9.Dangerous coconuts

The thing about this kind of fact is that it does seem quite obvious since more people encounter coconuts than those that encounter sharks. The one thing that needs to be done is that sharks need to up their game if they wish to be seen as being scarier than a coconut.

Dangerous coconuts-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

10.Which 50%?

OK this may explain why we love bananas so much, but then it does not tell us which 50% is shared with them. How can we share DNA with a fruit in the first place? That is just completely bizarre.

Which 50%?-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

11.It would look out of place

The one thing that immediately leaps out here is that the Statue of Liberty would look completely out of place in Egypt. It just does not tie in with the rest of the buildings or culture there, so ultimately it is better where it is.

It would look out of place-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

12.A cool color

This is one of those facts where you do sit there completely astounded at it because there is no way that you knew hippo milk was pink before you read it here? That is not the kind of thing that tends to appear in most quiz shows is it?

A cool color-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

13.Well that's just a joke

At what point in your life do you get fed up with your name and decide that you want to change it to LOL? Surely this person needs to be slapped around a bit, but you will do a lot of slapping since there are 84 of them.

Well that's just a joke-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

14.It's better than skim milk

What this tells us is that if you are on a diet and want something to drink, then get some Guinness rather than that orange juice. It does sound like a perfect excuse for just getting another one poured.

It's better than skim milk-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

15.Scary people

This scary fact is actually most scary because of what it says about humans more than the cats. Imagine feeling obliged to do this kind of thing in this day and age. What on earth is going on with some people?

Scary people-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

16.Thankfully they have the right tongue

A giraffe must be glad that it does indeed have such a long tongue or else its ears would end up absolutely filthy. Maybe that is why they were given such a long one in the first place or else their ears would need to be closer.

Thankfully they have the right tongue-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

17.But what music?

This is something that you may have heard of before, but it has been scientifically proven to be a fact. However, they do not say the kind of music that plants prefer and maybe it comes down to the type?

But what music?-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

18.We all thought he was scary

This is one of those times where it all suddenly makes sense because we always felt William Shatner was scary and now there is a reason for it all. It is only when you see the things side by side that you do actually see the resemblance.

We all thought he was scary-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

19.Go the Bears!!

This is a pretty amazing fact when you consider the number of teams in the league. What is it about the Chicago Bears that have made them that special that they have kept their name when everybody else has been unhappy at some point?

Go the Bears!!-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

20.It mists up their visor

This must be to do with the different pressure in the atmosphere that makes it impossible, but it is still a very strange phenomenon when you stop and think about it. How do they then show emotion and what happens if something is irritating their eye?

It mists up their visor-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

21.Honey is eternal

What this means is that honey is basically eternal and we have to thank the bees for that. It is strange how it does not rot when it is a food source, so what is special about it?

Honey is eternal-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

22.Do you put it on your eyes?

So how does this work? Do you go and put the chewing gum over your eyes or something to stop you from crying? On second thoughts that would not be a wise decision because then how do you see your knife?

Do you put it on your eyes?-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

23.Why bananas?

The big question here is why bananas have such a profound effect because what about other fruit? Is it the potassium? Is it the smell? Anyway perhaps avoid them in a mosquito area.

Why bananas?-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts

24.We are very windy

What this shows is that us humans are very windy and are we even aware of farting 14 times a day? Some of them must be very slight to make up for those that are over the top and loud.

We are very windy-24 Interesting Yet Mind Blowing Facts



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