15 Innovations That Are Super Genius

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 8:49 pm
By:James Fraser

Anyone can innovate including you. In most cases, innovating is all about finding a solution to an existing problem. Different people try different methods to address problems. What would it be like to take the innovative route to addressing a problem? Check out 15 cool innovations that are nothing short of genius.
4.Smart Way to Shit Comfortably

People, especially those who are into texting, video watching, game playing etc in toilets will appreciate this cheap yet great innovation. Even when life’s hard, one can happily sit on this ‘toilet chair’ for a long time without much discomfort. Good hack, there.

Smart Way to Shit Comfortably-15 Innovations That Are Super Genius

5.Why Buy Headlamps When You Have Flashlights

They may not be as powerful as a car headlamp, but they are okay to have when driving with no headlamps at all. The owner of this car used two flashlights to replace his failed car headlamps. This isn’t a great solution, but is a damn good fix. 

Why Buy Headlamps When You Have Flashlights-15 Innovations That Are Super Genius

6.Sp’right Shower Head

This is another smart innovation that proves innovation is not a complex thing, when you have the right mindset. This cool bottle shower-head saves time and even money. It may not work like those pricey shower heads, but it will get the job done. 

Sp’right Shower Head-15 Innovations That Are Super Genius