Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 9:41 am
By:Tony Williams

1.The Green Hornet

This movie from 2011 was a comedy superhero movie that was just not actually that funny. It just seems like a complete mixture of genres that would be impossible to work with and sadly that thought turned out to be absolutely correct.

The Green Hornet-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us


This movie was just loosely based on the comic book superhero and that was a lucky escape for the comic. Sadly the story just did not seem to translate that well onto the big screen, but thankfully you can easily avoid it if you wish to do so.

Spawn-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

3.Spiderman 3

This may surprise some people, but in the Spiderman series of movies this is a low point. It lacks the same pace and thrills as those before and after it and it is probably just through the popularity of the character in general that it survived.

Spiderman 3-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

4.Fantastic Four

There have been a couple of movies of the Fantastic Four and sadly every single one has been a bit of a disappointment. That is why just the title in general has been included here as it is unfair to single them out individually when they were all pretty rubbish.

Fantastic Four-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us


Sadly with this they should have left it to the old TV series rather than tarnish the memories of so many people. This movie from 2003 just lacked a punch even though the changing into the Hulk part was certainly a lot better than it was in the 80's.

Hulk-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

6.Green Lantern

This movie got a big push due to the special effects in it, but sadly that was the best part of this movie from 2011. The plot was paper thin and you only stayed to see what else they could come up with via a computer as there was no other reason for you to concentrate.

Green Lantern-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us


This movie was of course based on the comic of the same name, but sadly the comic was better out of the two. The entire movie just failed to really grip most audiences and with a superhero movie you should be out there rooting for them at every given opportunity.

Daredevil-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

8.Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

This movie starred Nicholas Cage and for some people that would automatically mean that it was a disappointment. This is of course the sequel to Ghost Rider, but it is a classic example of Hollywood being best advised to avoid a sequel in some situations.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

9.Superman IV

Sadly this was the last one that Christopher Reeve was in and you need to remember him for the earlier versions rather than this particular flop. It just felt as if it was running out of ideas and overall it was actually pretty rubbish.

Superman IV-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us


This is what happens when you have success with one thing in Hollywood as you then go looking to milk that particular gravy train as much as possible. This led to Supergirl and in actual fact the only super thing about it was the use of the word in the name.

Supergirl-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us

11.Batman & Robin

This was a follow up to Batman Forever, but even though it came with all of the usual hype that surrounds a Batman movie, this one was a disappointment. There was just not the right chemistry on screen and it felt as if it came too soon after the previous movie and overall it was really not worth checking out.

Batman & Robin-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us


This movie had Halle Berry in the lead role and it was actually pretty awful. The idea was good because we all loved Catwoman in the Batman movies, but when it came to having her own version it fell short and was quite lame.

Catwoman-Superhero Movies That Disappointed Us



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