15 Things You Probably Don't Know About Harry Potter Movies

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 4:17 pm
By:Tony Williams

Harry Potter book series is one of the most popular book series ever. The Harry Potter movies, which were made based on the Harry Potter books are highly popular as well and have collected billions of dollars for the producers. Although we may not read another Harry Potter book, or watch another film, the Harry Potter series is still alive as a new theater play named 'Harry Potter & the Cursed Child,' which will be released on July 31, 2016. The play will be performed at Palace Theatre, London. It will be available in a digital downloadable format for the international fans. Until the play is released, here is some Harry Potter feed for the Potter-fan brains! You will love these fifteen mind blowing Harry Potter facts. 
4.Sirius Black's Tattoos

In the Harry Potter films, character Sirius Black was known for having distinctive tattoos on his chest. His tattoos are actually copied from Russian prison gangs. The patterns are usually used to classify the person as someone to be feared and valued. There is no mention of Sirius having tattoos in the Harry Potter books, though.
The large tattoo right in the middle of his chest symbolizes his ability to transform into a dog. The tattoo on the lower right pec looks similar to Chinese symbol of steel. Some tattoos look like modified Futhark runes. The others look Hebrew and Russian letters. 

Sirius Black's Tattoos-15 Things You Probably Don't Know About Harry Potter Movies

5.Dragon's Blood Tree

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, dragon blood is discovered to be an actual oven cleaner. Dragon blood isn't completely fictional. What fans of the series also don't realize is that Dragon's blood is a red resin that is extracted from a tree called Dracaena Cinnabari or dragon blood tree. So, there is a something called dragon blood in the real world, and it comes from dragon blood trees. 
The real dragon blood is used mostly as dye although it has got some medicinal properties including its ability to induce abortion. In ancient times, Dragon blood was used as a dye, incense, varnish, and medicine. The tree species is now threatened with only a few of them left in Socotra Islands of Yemen.

Dragon's Blood Tree-15 Things You Probably Don't Know About Harry Potter Movies

6.Salazar Slytherin's Locket

It's always good to have a backup plan. Approximately forty versions of Salazar Slytherin's notorious locket had to be created for the Harry Potter series.The reason for such a large number of standbys is due to Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Ron Weasley's (Rupert Grint) failed attempts to destroy it during filming. Several self-made jewelry designers have gone on to create replicas of the popular locket.

Salazar Slytherin's Locket-15 Things You Probably Don't Know About Harry Potter Movies