Best Sports Related Movies

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Breaking Away

This movie is about cycling and it is certainly a lot more interesting than you may have initially thought. It actually won an Oscar and it is all about the importance of teamwork in order to get anywhere, so perhaps you can learn something from it.

Breaking Away-Best Sports Related Movies

2.Bull Durham

This is a romance movie starring Kevin Costner and it is all about a minor league star who is coming near the end of his career who is competing against somebody going the other way with his career and rising to the top. It creates an interesting dynamic in the movie and Costner is actually quite good in it.

Bull Durham-Best Sports Related Movies

3.Slap Shot

This is one fabulous movie even though all it does is try to tell the story of a small minor league ice hockey team called The Charlestown Chiefs. The team is facing closure until they bring in 3 tough guys and what follows is a movie that you will laugh at and find yourself rooting for them.

Slap Shot-Best Sports Related Movies


At first this movie may not sound like anything special, but it tells the classic tale of the underdog and you cannot help but end up rooting for them. Yes the coach may be an alcoholic and pretty useless outside of a basketball court, but he ends up taking them to the state finals and surely you want them to win?

Hoosiers-Best Sports Related Movies


Yep when it comes to boxing there cannot be a better movie than Rocky. Sure it ended up being done to death by the end of it, but who can ever forget the iconic scene of running up the stairs and then rooting for Rocky against all of his opponents.

Rocky-Best Sports Related Movies


This 80's comedy is set on a golf course and Chevy Chase is fantastic. It is a rather strange look at the game of golf and you will find yourself rooting against Bill Murray and go and watch the movie in order to find out why.

Caddyshack-Best Sports Related Movies

7.Major League

This baseball comedy is great fun to watch in an evening. It tells the story of what could only be described as a group of strange guys playing baseball, but of course thanks to Hollywood they end up doing better than they really should.

Major League-Best Sports Related Movies

8.Field of Dreams

This movie starring Kevin Costner is a bit of a tear jerker as he goes about replicating a baseball field for a team of ghosts. It tells the story of Shoeless Joe Jackson and it will undoubtedly touch you in a number of ways.

Field of Dreams-Best Sports Related Movies

9.A League of Their Own

This movie starring Tom Hanks is all about a girls baseball team and it is quite a cute movie to sit down and watch. It is interesting to see it portrayed from the opposite sex and it certainly opens your eyes to the emotions that are attached to taking part in sport.

A League of Their Own-Best Sports Related Movies

10.The Hustler

Some people would argue that pool is not a sport, but nobody could argue against the fact that this movie starring Paul Newman was an absolute classic. It is dramatic, it teaches you about the highs and lows of life and ultimately Newman is fantastic as always.

The Hustler-Best Sports Related Movies

11.Jerry Maguire

This sports movie focused more on the role that agents play and it certainly led to a fascinating film starring Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jnr. It was funny, it was serious, and it certainly opened your eyes to another side of the world of sport.

Jerry Maguire-Best Sports Related Movies

12.Raging Bull

Not only is this seen as one of the best sporting movies of all time, but it is generally seen as one of the best movies ever made. Robert de Niro wins an Oscar for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta and his battle against mental illness as well as being a boxer and it is a movie that you will undoubtedly love.

Raging Bull-Best Sports Related Movies



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