Best Mafia Movies

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 3:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Billy Bathgate

This movie starring Dustin Hoffman is off most peoples radar and that is a real shame. Yes it may not be as glitzy or have as good a storyline as the likes of Goodfellas, but at the same time Hoffman is excellent in his lead role and manages to keep the story going along quite well as he teaches a kid the way of the mafia.

Billy Bathgate-Best Mafia Movies


This movie should have been seen by more people because it is actually very good and depicts the mafia back in the earlier days due to it being set in the Prohibition Era. This is quite a fast paced movie and in all honesty as long as you ignore various cliches in the movie, then you should enjoy this one.

Mobsters-Best Mafia Movies

3.Analyze That

This is the sequel, but it is just as funny as the first movie and in actual fact you should just watch one after the other to make sure that you laugh out loud for hours. It is such a simple idea, but both of the main characters just keep the movie going making this a very enjoyable watch.

Analyze That-Best Mafia Movies


If you are one of the few people on this earth that have not seen this movie, then do yourself a big favor and get watching it right now. It is gritty, it is harsh, but it is an absolutely amazing movie that will blow you away. Each character is so involved that you will be left breathless after watching it.

Goodfellas-Best Mafia Movies


This movie is all about the mafia in Las Vegas and it is certainly a different take on most of the mafia movies that were ever made. This is all glitzy, but at the same time it tells a harrowing story where murder and mayhem is kept under wraps away from all of those gamblers.

Casino-Best Mafia Movies

6.Donnie Brasco

This movie is based on a true story and it is the typical mafia movie where a cop tries to get into the mob in order to gather evidence. Both Pacino and Depp are wonderful in this movie and you will be drawn into a world that you would rather know nothing about and only let go when they are finished playing with your emotions.

Donnie Brasco-Best Mafia Movies

7.The Godfather Part 3

This was the third installment in the trilogy and even though it was not as good as the first two it was still a very interesting film to watch. It brings the story of the family forward a number of years and it does answer a few questions that you may have had from the first two movies, so do watch them before you settle down to this one.

The Godfather Part 3-Best Mafia Movies

8.Analyze This

This is a fantastic comedy all about a mafia boss who goes to see a shrink. Both Billy Crystal and de Niro are excellent in it and you will laugh your way through the entire movie and when it comes to comedy mafia films there really are none better than this.

Analyze This-Best Mafia Movies

9.Road to Perdition

This is a seriously good movie as it follows the story of a mob enforcer and the character is very well played by an excellent Tom Hanks. It is dark, it is ruthless, but it is also a movie that you will be able to watch time and time again.

Road to Perdition-Best Mafia Movies

10.The Godfather Part 2

This film is a rarity in that it is a sequel that is actually better than the first movie as it really is brilliant. It carries on some of the stories from the first movie, but this time it picks up pace and the likes of de Niro really is brilliant in it. This is an absolute must see.

The Godfather Part 2-Best Mafia Movies

11.The Godfather

It really should be no surprise that this movie makes it into a list of the best mafia movies of all time because this is the benchmark for every film in this genre since it came out. Every single thing about this film is brilliant and it is a crying shame if you have never seen it.

The Godfather-Best Mafia Movies

12.The Departed

This movie was an instant classic and so it should be when it has such a stellar cast as this. It is all about an undercover cop trying to bring down a big mob boss, but with a number of twists and turns this is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Departed-Best Mafia Movies



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