Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 9:59 am
By:Tony Williams

1.The Nightmare Before Christmas

In 1993, audiences were treated to The Nightmare Before Christmas, where Jack Skellington, bored of being the Halloween pumpkin king, happens upon Christmas town. Loving the idea of Christmas he gathers his ghouls, boglins and bats, to help him put on a better Christmas, by kidnapping santa and deliver scary, Halloween type gifts himself.

The Nightmare Before Christmas-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

2.Sint Saint

When good old saint Nick turns out not as nice as everyone thinks, we learn just how bloodthirty he really is. On December 5th, if there's a full moon, watch out. He turns into worse than a werewolf, as he goes on a child killing rampage. This type of full moon happens every thirty six years, and now it's time for it to happen again.

Sint Saint-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

3.Don't Open Till Christmas

The 1984 film, Don't Open Till Christmas, revolves around a murderer on the streets of London. Killing anyone dressed as santa, the psycho uses extremely violent and disturbing ways to murder them. Inspector Harris attempts to track him down with the help of reporter Giles. They shouldn't have opened till Christmas.

Don't Open Till Christmas-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

4.To All A Good

Jennifer Runyons stars in To All A Goodnight, a Christmas horror story that has you screaming until dawn. Students at the Calvin Finishing School for Girls are celebrating Christmas break with a big party. When boys show up, mysterious killings begin to occur. The police are no help and all arrows point to an incident with a student who was killed during initiation, years earlier.

To All A Good-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

5.Santa Claws

Santa Claws was released to scared audiences in 1996, telling the story of a divorced mother and her lover, wearing a santa hat, who are shot dead by her young son. Scarred by the incident, the young man grows up thinking he is Santa Claus and develops a crush on an erotic horror film star. His crush turns to obsession, as he begins stalking her.

Santa Claws-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

6.Silent Night Bloody

Silent Night deadly Night, released in 1972, centers around a mansion and a maniac. When Wilfred Butler's mansion is turned into a psych ward for the criminally insane, he is set on fire on Christmas Day and dies. The house is left to his grandson, Jeffrey, who decides to sell the mansion years later. Unbeknownst to him, an escapee from another psych ward has taken refuge in the abandon mansion. When Jeffrey takes potential buyers to the house, he terrorizes them, killing some, until we learn of his commonality with what happened to Wilfred.

Silent Night Bloody-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

7.Jack Frost

Michael Keaton stars as Jack Frost in this 1998 holiday film, the terrorizes rather than celebrates the holiday. When he dies in a car accident, he returns as a snowman with one chance to make this right on promises to his son, left unkept. Also starring Kelly Preston and Joseph Cross.

Jack Frost-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever


In 2005, Santa's Slay terrorized audiences when a santa who is really a demon, loses a bet with an angel. Starring Bill Goldberg as the devil's son, who is now forced to play santa for 1000 years. When he finally serves his time for losing the bet, he goes back to his evil ways, killing people in his wake.

Santa's-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever


What starts out as cute, turns ugly. In Gremlins, a boy gets a new pet, but forgets 3 important rules. Billy's pet Mogwai must never get wet, needs to be kept away from bright light and never, ever can be fed after midnight. Even if he begs and pleads, Billy must not feed him. Chaos ensues after Billy doesn't obey these rules, and carnage is left in the Mogwai's trail.

Gremlins-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

10.Christmas Evil

Christmas Evil, released in 1980, stars Brandon Maggart and Jeffrey DeMunn, in a story about a psychotic who wants to play santa and decide who is naughty and who is nice. When santa comes to this town, it's not all Christmas carols and joy. There is murder in the air, as this santa is hell bent on destruction.

Christmas Evil-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

11.Silent Night deadly Night

Silent Night deadly Night was released in 1984, starring Tori Nero, Lilyan Chauvin and Gilimer McCormick. The thriller unfolds when a tormented teenager, who became an orphan after watching his parents get murdered by a man in a santa suit, dons the same suit and goes on a murderous spree of his own. Abused by the Mother Superior in the orphanage, he has something special in store for her.

Silent Night deadly Night-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever

12.Black Christmas

Release in 1974, Black Christmas stars Margot Kidder, Olivia Hussy and John Saxon. The thriller is about a stranger who terrorizes a sorority house with pone calls, before murdering the girls in the house during Christmas break. This isn't a feel good Christmas movie, unless you like blood and gore.

Black Christmas-Best Christmas Horror Movies Ever



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