Deadliest Insects

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 3:48 pm
By:Tony Williams


A scorpion is of course going to give you a nasty sting and in some cases it could also be a fatal sting. There are so many different species and each one has a different level of toxicity, so you never know until it is perhaps too late if you have been lucky or unlucky.

Scorpion-Deadliest Insects

2.Assassin bugs

The reason why this bug is included is simply because it carries disease and in particular Chagas disease. They can infect you quite easily and then you just have to wait to see how you handle being ill and all caused by this single bug.

Assassin bugs-Deadliest Insects

3.Bullet ants

If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by this particular ant, then you could be in pain for a number of days. Now imagine what it would be like if a number of them attacked you because surely that would not be good for your health?

Bullet ants-Deadliest Insects

4.Brazilian wandering spider

When it comes to toxicity, then this spider is the most venomous in the entire world and it is also rather big and ugly to look at as well. The problem here is that one bite could end up being quite painful for you and if you are in the Amazon, then you need some luck to survive.

Brazilian wandering spider-Deadliest Insects


It needs no explanation as to why the mosquito is going to be in this list because it is all simply because of the fact that you can then get malaria. It does mean that they are responsible for a lot of deaths in a single year, so do look at taking precautions if you are in an area where there are mosquitos.

Mosquito-Deadliest Insects

6.Africanized honey bee

These bees are aggressive and they have been known to attack humans in swarms and when that happens you are going to run into all kinds of problems. Indeed this can lead to death in a lot of instances, so if they are around do not do anything to annoy them.

Africanized honey bee-Deadliest Insects


Ok so fleas may be surprising, but it is because of the disease that they carry including the plague that means they get into this particular list. Put it this way, it is the hidden problems that you should be concerned about because it might take some time before they do the damage.

Fleas-Deadliest Insects

8.Fire ants

You would need to be unlucky to die by being attacked by fire ants, but anybody that encounters them will know all about the burning and general irritation caused by their bite. They are very well named when you stop and think about it.

Fire ants-Deadliest Insects

9.Brown recluse

This spider does not release toxins as such, but what it does is it leaves you with lesions that will just result in your body basically eating itself. This makes it deadly and also evil as it takes a long time to do it, so watch out for them if you are in an area where they are known to exist.

Brown recluse-Deadliest Insects

10.Siafu ants

A single ant is not going to do anything, but watch them work together and they can actually take care of a small animal all by themselves. When they bite they leave two small puncture wounds and just imagine how that would feel if you were being swarmed by them.

Siafu ants-Deadliest Insects

11.Asian hornet

The problem with this insect is that even though they do not tend to target humans just a single sting can be deadly due to how powerful it is. This hornet is mainly found in Japan, so if you are there look out for it as it could be bad for your health.

Asian hornet-Deadliest Insects

12.Tsetse fly

This fly quite simply carries illness and it is endemic across most of Africa where health care is not exactly the best. It does get its nutrients from your blood, so watch out or you could fall quite ill thanks to a simple fly.

Tsetse fly-Deadliest Insects



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