Zombie Engagements

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 7:41 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Global zombie

Zombies can appear anywhere around the world, but at least here they have tried to tidy themselves up a bit before the wedding snaps are taken. At least they look a happy couple, well as happy as two zombies can be.

Global zombie-Zombie Engagements

2.Full on wedding

If you are going to be zombies, then does it not make sense that the person marrying you is also one? The theme does work best when it is carried right through to the bitter end as this example shows because everybody does indeed look pretty cool.

Full on wedding-Zombie Engagements

3.Zombie Manners

Zombies have never been seen as frivolous people and somehow saying 'You look a mess' is not something they would bother saying to each other.

Zombie Manners-Zombie Engagements

4.Group snap

Aww what a lovely group snap this actually is with all of those wonderful looking zombies standing there together. It does show that this kind of wedding can be fun, but it is certainly not your traditional style wedding is it?

Group snap-Zombie Engagements

5.White Weddings (almost)

Zombies love to wear white to weddings. A bride is a bride no matter who she is and although perhaps not a virgin, brides love to wear white. Who cares about blood stains and bits and pieces? It's not like they have washing machines and stain removers to worry about.

White Weddings (almost)-Zombie Engagements

6.Zombie lust

Zombies enjoy flirting and also those secret looks that say it all. That is if their eyeballs haven't fallen out yet. You just know there was some kinky zombie kind of things going on after the camera was put down.

Zombie lust-Zombie Engagements

7.Expensive Weddings

Zombies love planning their weddings and no expense or detail is left out, right down to the bloodied stinky bow-tie. In actual fact you would imagine that they would want things to be even more perfect than us since they need to impress the other zombies.

Expensive Weddings-Zombie Engagements

8.Beach wedding

The enviable thing about Zombies is that they worry very little about spinach in the teeth. This kind of puts things in perspective for us regular folk. However, at least they can also get married by the beach as well.

Beach wedding-Zombie Engagements

9.Zombie Frustration

Just like regular men can drag their legs so can Zombie males when it come to springing the question. The difference is the Zombie female can smash him about the head with a shovel for his lack of commitment.

Zombie Frustration-Zombie Engagements

10.Shot Gun Marriage

This gory Zombie couple had to get married as you can see by the little Zombie baby on the way. They both realize it is forever and ever and ever and ever. However, did she put the axe in his head to force him into it?

Shot Gun Marriage-Zombie Engagements

11.Same sex Engagements

Just as with regular couples Zombies of the same sex do fall in love and want a happy eternity together. Why should they be any different? After all is it not the zombie part that is the strangest thing here?

Same sex Engagements-Zombie Engagements

12.Zombie Romance

Zombies do it in style. Asking her hand in marriage requires the same level of romanticism as any regular couple. Just because the stench is overwhelming and the clothes a bit grubby does not mean she is just as special as any other love stuck female. Same sex Engagements

Zombie Romance-Zombie Engagements

13.Forever Love

When Zombies get engaged or married it is forever. There are certainly no divorces or short term relationships! Plus they tend to run after people including each other, so this snap is one that they will remember forever.

Forever Love-Zombie Engagements



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