Why We Loved Friends So Much

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 10:37 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Sensitivity is not always required

If you are not the sensitive type, then they taught us to be a bit more subtle than this with your replies. It does seem a bit harsh just coming out with it like this, but then that was the way that Chandler did things as he was always straight to the point.

Sensitivity is not always required-Why We Loved Friends So Much

2.We understood how to form a quiz team

This showed us that when it comes to a quiz team you have to always go on intelligence rather than personality. One is going to help you to answer questions while the other just makes you look good until they open their mouths and embarrass everybody else there.

We understood how to form a quiz team-Why We Loved Friends So Much

3.We understood how to be generous

They did try to teach us about how to be generous and also how to make an appeal for things without coming across as too desperate. OK so maybe Phoebe was not the best at that part, but she must have been doing something right in order to get money from people.

We understood how to be generous-Why We Loved Friends So Much

4.We were as disorganized as them

Yep we understood how it was to be as disorganized as Phoebe as we have been in that exact same situation ourselves. At times we did not even have a P never mind a pla.

We were as disorganized as them-Why We Loved Friends So Much

5.We learnt how to flirt from Joey

Joey seemed to be a master flirt and he did so without expending too much energy in the process. He was a man of few words, but the way he was successful showed how it is not what you say, but how you say it that counts.

We learnt how to flirt from Joey-Why We Loved Friends So Much

6.We wished for a chicken surprise

They taught us how to play practical jokes on one another and the importance of playing them on the right people. Could you imagine getting the same reaction if you played this joke on Chandler for example?

We wished for a chicken surprise-Why We Loved Friends So Much

7.We learnt how to not run

Phoebe taught us how not to run since she would be burning up far too much energy and exhaust herself in a short period of time. Could you ever see somebody winning a marathon running like this?

We learnt how to not run-Why We Loved Friends So Much

8.Honesty with fashion

OK so we knew them that long that fashions changed, but the one thing that stayed the same was their ability to be quite honest with what they were wearing. Phoebe showed us that you have to be tough when it comes to fashion even if it hurts with what you are going to say.

Honesty with fashion-Why We Loved Friends So Much

9.We could survive with the best

Yep we learnt how to tough it out with the very best even when the odds seemed to be stacked against us. We learnt how to deal with adversity even when it came down to basic needs such as eating and surely it helped us to just grow as people?

We could survive with the best-Why We Loved Friends So Much

10.We felt the pain of Chandler

If we ever found ourselves in a complex situation like this at least we would know that we had a friend in Chandler who would know exactly what we were going through. We would feel that we could talk to him and say how we felt, but then he would probably be sarcastic in return.

We felt the pain of Chandler-Why We Loved Friends So Much

11.We were glad we could spell better

OK so it was Joey that said this, but it did make us feel better about spelling since we tend to know the basic words such as baby. However, if we did get something wrong, then at least we could blame it on Friends.

We were glad we could spell better-Why We Loved Friends So Much

12.We wanted to copy their tricks

They showed us tricks that we then had to go and do ourselves, so thanks to them we managed to waste countless hours doing things that were just a lot of nonsense. Hey at least we did then feel good about ourselves when we manage to pull off the trick for the first time.

We wanted to copy their tricks-Why We Loved Friends So Much

13.How to check out neighbors

We all wonder what is going on next door, but at least they showed us that it is possible to check them out without making it too obvious. OK maybe at times it was pretty clear as to what they were doing, but at least they came up with some clever ideas.

How to check out neighbors-Why We Loved Friends So Much

14.How to win with style

They showed us that it is not just winning that counts, but also how you celebrate winning as well. They let us see that you do need to boast about it or else what was the point in it all?

How to win with style-Why We Loved Friends So Much

15.How not to take an engagement photo

Yeah now your engagement photo should be very nice to look at, but what Chandler did here was he showed us facial expressions that should be avoided at all costs. At least now we should be able to take better photographs.

How not to take an engagement photo-Why We Loved Friends So Much

16.Rachel was quite clever

Rachel taught us that there is a time and a place to boast about your qualifications and it should never be at a place where people may get confused. She may have seemed a bit silly at times, but at least she made a lot of sense at other points.

Rachel was quite clever-Why We Loved Friends So Much

17.We understood how to be discreet

In one fell swoop they taught us both how to be discreet and also how to avoid spoiling the entire thing by leaving a vital piece of evidence behind. Once again it was Joey that made the mistake, but hey it was an honest one.

We understood how to be discreet-Why We Loved Friends So Much

18.Being a b!tch was good

They gave us a different insight into the term b!tches. It showed us the power that one person could have over others even if this was done as a joke.

Being a b!tch was good-Why We Loved Friends So Much

19.Phoebe was so good at spelling

Phoebe showed us a different way of spelling things out to people, but it is probably a method that is never going to take off. It just seems a lot more complicated than the usual way, but then she always liked to do things the harder way.

Phoebe was so good at spelling-Why We Loved Friends So Much

20.Rachel made us sad

We did feel her pain at different times as so many of us could put ourselves in the exact same situation. We felt how lost she was and of course there are times in our lives where we feel lost as well, so it was cool to see somebody else suffering.

Rachel made us sad-Why We Loved Friends So Much

21.Chandler was just so honest

Honesty does make life easier, but what Chandler taught us was that sometimes you can be a bit too honest with things that you say. Perhaps it would not be a good idea to just come out with this line to your partner.

Chandler was just so honest-Why We Loved Friends So Much

22.They showed us how to have fun as adults

So why do adults not build forts? It just seems crazy that something as cool as this is deemed to just be something that is done by children. Surely having some fun like this is something that every adult should do to get away from the stress in our lives?

They showed us how to have fun as adults-Why We Loved Friends So Much

23.We shared the same likes as Joey

Well who does not like pizza? We loved how Joey was just so passionate about different things and we wished that we too could show the same passion as him even if it was just over pizza.

We shared the same likes as Joey-Why We Loved Friends So Much

24.We approve of Joey's logic

Joey did have a unique take on things and we loved him for it. If we then found ourselves in the same situation with our fridge surely we would take the same approach as him and try to eat everything so it didn't go off?

We approve of Joey's logic-Why We Loved Friends So Much



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