Weirdest Keyboards

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:45 pm
By:Tony Williams


No your eyes are not deceiving you as this is an actual doily that doubles up as a keyboard. Why anybody would want to own this and use this is a complete and utter mystery, but the technology in it is actually quite clever, so at least from that point of view it was worth making it. However, surely you either want a doily or want a keyboard?

Doily-Weirdest Keyboards


The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is the distinct lack of keys. Instead, you move the two disks and pick letters in that way, so surely this is too cumbersome and annoying to actually be of any use to anybody? Surely you would get frustrated at how slow it all is and revert back to the original keyboard design?

Orbitouch-Weirdest Keyboards


This keyboard by Wolf King is indeed round and even though it is a clever design there is no way you would be able to type fast enough on here without running into problems. As you can see there are also various keys missing, so surely this keyboard is completely pointless?

Round-Weirdest Keyboards

4.Single handed

This keyboard by Maltron is very, very strange as it is designed to only be used by one hand, but unless you do indeed only have one hand how else would this be useful? They say that it is ergonomically designed, but it just looks a bit awkward and ultimately you wonder if you would ever use it if somebody bought you this.

Single handed-Weirdest Keyboards


This wrist keyboard is a clever idea, but at the same time it does mean that you can only type one handed, so how useful is it? The design itself is not too bad, but you wonder at what point somebody decided that this was the way that you should go with keyboards?

Wrist-Weirdest Keyboards

6.Keyboard organizer

The first thing you have to say about this keyboard is that it is actually a fantastic idea and it is perfect for the home desk where there really is not a lot of space. This is something where you look at the finished product and wish that you were the person that came up with the idea, but sadly you did not, so you can only look on and marvel.

Keyboard organizer-Weirdest Keyboards


Ok so somebody has decided to come up with a keyboard to resemble Scrabble and part of you will be wondering as to why they bothered to do this while another part of you will be thinking that it is such a cool idea and you love it. Clearly they have decided to go the full way and make it out like the actual tiles, so ten out of ten for accuracy.

Scrabble?-Weirdest Keyboards

8.Bendy Light-up

This keyboard is one of those where it is both cool and weird at the same time because surely it is strange trying to type on something like this where it moves and can be bent into all kinds of shapes? The way it lights up is cool and it would certainly be a talking point if you owned one, but is it really necessary?

Bendy Light-up-Weirdest Keyboards


Ok so this computer keyboard is not actually made from gold, but it is gold plated and that in itself should be good enough. You do wonder as to how extravagant you need to be in order to want a keyboard like this in the first place and it does cost you a fortune to own one as well.

Gold-Weirdest Keyboards

10.Virtual Laser

This keyboard is weird because there is not actually a keyboard, but instead you tap your fingers against a solid surface and it all kind of works thanks to lasers. In its own way this keyboard is cool and as long as you have a surface to lean on, then you have a keyboard no matter where you are.

Virtual Laser-Weirdest Keyboards

11.Keyboard bra

OK this could only come from Japan as the idea of a keyboard bra is certainly something that very few people would ever dream of creating. You need to connect it via your USB port, but you do wonder what the overall point of this actually is as it is just a crazy, crazy invention.

Keyboard bra-Weirdest Keyboards


Yes this keyboard is able to be washed as this image shows and you can imagine how useful it could be especially if you eat at your desk and all of those crumbs get between the keys. The idea of being able to wash it and nothing goes wrong with the keyboard is certainly something that blows the mind, but it looks cool and you can see how it would be very useful indeed.

Washable-Weirdest Keyboards



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