12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:01 pm
By:Tony Williams

Being a mother is the world's best thing that can happen to women. It is a very special feeling, giving life to someone and bringing a new individual in this world. But not all mothers are same; Some are very caring, some are careless and very few are just odd and different from all other mothers. Here we have a list of some of the oddest mothers in the world. Don't forget to read #10...
10.Oldest Romanian Mother To Give Birth

This 67 year old has given birth to a healthy 1.4 kilogram baby girl. The girls twin did not make it and died before birth. Adriana IIiescu's birth received huge comment in terms of ethics. Most were disgusted that perhaps the child would be rendered motherless at an early age. IIiescu's defence was that most of her family enjoyed exceptional longevity and she did not see that as an issue.

Oldest Romanian Mother To Give Birth-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

11.Boyd Braxton (1954)

Braxton gave birth to triplets, which in itself is not so weird, what is weird is that she gave birth to them once a week! This strange fact is because she had two wombs and so the delivery dates were different.

Boyd Braxton (1954)-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

12.Natalie Suleman

Suleman now known as the infamous 'Octomom' gave birth to octuplets in 2009 via artificial insemination. The octuplets defied odds when all eight survived which is unusual. More unusual still is that Suleman already had six children and was living on Welfare. She continues to spark controversy by stripping and appearing in porn films in order to make money. With very little money and 14 kids to support one wonders at this mom's odd choices.

Natalie Suleman-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever

Natalie Suleman-12 World's Oddest Mothers Ever