Weird Pen Drives

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:29 pm
By:Tony Williams


Ok so this has to be one of the strangest pen drives you will ever see since they have modeled it on the human thumb. In its own way this could be rather funny to have on your computer and it would certainly get some strange looks when people see a human finger sticking out of the side of your laptop.

Thumb-Weird Pen Drives


Have you ever looked at your current pen drive and found yourself wishing that it was wood? Well now you can have your dreams come true with this tree trunk flash drive. Obviously it is not actually a tree trunk, but it is certainly made to resemble one resulting in a weird, but functional, pen drive.

Tree-Weird Pen Drives


This is a pen drive that just screams out bling as you can see with it being covered in Swarovski crystals. This is not cheap, but for somebody that has a lot of money and wants to really show off there cannot be many other pen drives that are as good as this one.

Bling-Weird Pen Drives

4.Hot Dog

How big a fan of a hot dog would you need to be in order to go ahead and buy a pen drive that is shaped to look like one? You can say that at least it is very well made and it does at least resemble it, but is it the best design for a pen drive? That question is very difficult to answer.

Hot Dog-Weird Pen Drives


You are actually seeing this right. This pen drive has the vital part sitting in the chicken as if it has been stuffed, so as you can see it does mean you have to push the butt of the chicken into your computer and deal with it having its legs all over the place like the top photograph. Funny? Yes. Useful? Probably not.

Chicken-Weird Pen Drives


Ok maybe this is a pen drive for somebody that works in a fertility clinic because it really is a pen drive that is shaped like sperm. Yes from a design point of view it is basic to do, but from a humor point of view it really is quite funny the idea of plugging this into your computer.

Sperm-Weird Pen Drives


This one is weird and funny in equal measure as it does indeed make it look as if you have a bear with its head stuck in your computer. Why would anybody go ahead and design this kind of pen drive in the first place? At what point do you feel that it is a good idea and actually start making it?

Bear-Weird Pen Drives


This may be weird, but it is also a very clever design and one that you cannot help but admire. OK so it will look strange having a syringe sticking out of your computer, but at the same time it is cool that you get to see the inner workings and for some people that will just make it the perfect pen drive to own.

Syringe-Weird Pen Drives


Altoids can be great things to have, but at what point do you find yourself thinking about turning it into a pen drive? Ok so the case itself does work well with it as it hides all of the important parts away, but it is still the fact that people will wonder why you have a tin of altoids sticking out of your computer.

Altoids-Weird Pen Drives


Ok so some strange designer has decided to come up with a series of pen drives that actually look like pieces of sushi. Now either they are crazy for sushi, or they are just crazy in general because you do not think of sushi when thinking of your computer do you? Yes they are well made, but surely the comments you would get would make you think twice about buying this?

Sushi-Weird Pen Drives


For some reason you would think that a bigger duck and using the beak for the USB drive would perhaps look a bit more realistic than this. In all honesty it looks like a rubber duck you use in your bath has managed to impale itself on a piece of metal, so who would buy this kind of pen drive?

Duck-Weird Pen Drives

12.Humping dog

Why would you want to own a pen drive that resembles a dog trying to hump your keyboard with a USB penis? OK at first you may think it is funny, but surely you are going to get to a point where you question your own sanity never mind the sanity of the person that designed it in the first place?

Humping dog-Weird Pen Drives



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