Weird Light Bulbs

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:03 pm
By:Tony Williams


Everyone knows the Grinch hates Christmas! But, it looks like he didn't steal all of Christmas, leaving behind Christmas bulbs in his own likeness. Cute, little, odd-shaped Grinch heads with Santa hats are a great way to bring some who-ville fun to any Christmas tree, or anywhere you want to add some Grinchly fun!

Grinchbulbs-Weird Light Bulbs

2.Bulb Greenhouse

Taking the greenhouse to a whole new concept, this light bulb makes a great home for your plant. A mini-greenhouse effect that is great addition to any garden, guests will wonder how the plant got inside. A brilliant idea for kitchen windows, small gardens and anywhere you want to bring some light fun.

Bulb Greenhouse-Weird Light Bulbs

3.Keep Your Head

They say a great idea is as if a light bulb going off in your head, but what if your whole head was a lightbulb, shining bright ... now, that would be one great idea. These light bulbs posing as heads on mannequins posed in various positions. Use one, or connect them together.

Keep Your Head-Weird Light Bulbs

4.The Blob

I'm melting, I'm melging! One of the best optical illusions ever! This light bulb looks like it's melted and is dripping from the socket, oozing over the furniture. A great way to dazzle your guests who will do a double take as they wait for this bulb to drip to the floor.

The Blob-Weird Light Bulbs


Is it falling? Did it explode? Only you will know. This light bulb looks as if it's exploding in mid-air. A great optical illusion that will light up your home with crashing fragments of light. Great for those who like unique ideas and fun ways to make a statement.

Explosion-Weird Light Bulbs

6.Boat In Bulb

Ever wonder how those little boats get into bottles? Well, how about getting one into a light bulb? This creative piece of art is reminiscent of the crusty old sailors of yesteryear who made a living selling these mysterious creations. A fun way way to pay homage to the sea.

Boat In Bulb-Weird Light Bulbs

7.Balloon Bulbs

What was the best part of your birthday party when you were a kid? It was the balloon twister who created animals and other odd shapes out of balloons, wasn't it. Now you can keep those memories alive with these blown glass light bulbs that look like balloon blow outs and twists.

Balloon Bulbs-Weird Light Bulbs

8.Wild Thing

Who needs a plain old lightbulb when it comes to lighting your room. Any animal lover will glow with these light bulb animals. Clear blown glass, shaped into a dog or cat, to brighten any room with a little bit of fun. Just make sure they get along before leaving them alone together.

Wild Thing-Weird Light Bulbs

9.Oil Lamp Light Bulb

It's back to basics with a modern touch, with a lightbulb that doubles as an oil lamp. Back in the good old days, the oil lamp was the lighting method of choice. This light bulb goes back in time, creating the perfect combination of old and new. No need for electricity!

Oil Lamp Light Bulb-Weird Light Bulbs

10.Cloud Cover

You won't be taking cover from this light, in the shape of a stormy rain cloud. A uniquely shaped bulb that brings you the romance of a rain storm, while illuminating your space. A great conversation piece, and a unique way to add some pizzazz to your home, or office.

Cloud Cover-Weird Light Bulbs

11.I Want To Be Under The Sea

They say that watching fish swim is relaxing, and a great way to destress. So what better way to bring a soothing vibe to your home or office than with an aquarium lightbulb. This isn't your parents aquarium, it's a new fangled home for your fish. Watch them swim ... while blowing your guests' minds.

I Want To Be Under The Sea-Weird Light Bulbs

12.Upside Down Cone

What's more fun than an ice cream cone? Nothing, that's right! This fun lightbulb turns your life upside down, while illuminating a room with soft light vanilla light. Now you can have your cake, I mean ice cream, and eat it too ... and without the drips. So good you can can almost eat it.

Upside Down Cone-Weird Light Bulbs



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