Wackiest Tights

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 12:53 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.For the cats

This may be wacky, but at the same time it is actually a lot of fun with this design because all you see if the cat sliding down while digging its nails in trying to frantically stay on her legs. It is a simple idea, but it is also one that is very easy to understand, but it is still a wacky thing to wear.

For the cats-Wackiest Tights

2.Too busy

These tights are basically covered in loads of small, multi-colored, mushrooms and you have to wonder what drugs the designer was on when they came up with this. There is just so much going on that it actually hurts your eyes, so imagine what it would be like wearing them for a day.

Too busy-Wackiest Tights

3.Dog tights

OK this is just so, so wrong, but at the same time you cannot help but laugh at it. The dog on the left is seriously not impressed with all of this and you can tell he is worried about it going online and all of his friends discovering that he is a cross dresser.

Dog tights-Wackiest Tights


4.New York subway

It is actually difficult to work out if they are wacky or very useful as there is an argument for both. Sure you may know where you are going, but then complete strangers are going to be looking at your legs, but not for the reasons that you had hoped for.

New York subway-Wackiest Tights

5.Funny bear

These are strange as they are both wacky as well as cute in equal measure, so some will love them and others will think that they look absolutely crazy. They are only available in the sheer tights, so it looks as if you have the strangest tattoo ever on your legs.

Funny bear-Wackiest Tights

6.Santa cat

Yes they may be festive, but come on how stupid do they actually look? There is so much wrong with these tights that it is almost impossible to know where to begin even if you absolutely adore cats to start off with. This is just something where you have to shake your head in disbelief.

Santa cat-Wackiest Tights


OK so in one respect these tights are cool and they are certainly very well designed, but why on earth would you wear them and where would you wear them to? You could hardly go to work like this and an evening out is also not an option, so what is the point as they are not even your muscles?

Muscular-Wackiest Tights

8.Hanging low

Well hands up if you think you would look stupid in these tights? In all honesty almost everybody should now be putting their hands up because there is no way in the world that anybody can look good wearing these. That cr0tch is almost rubbing on the ground!

Hanging low-Wackiest Tights


Yes these tights are clearly for people that are rubbish at geography, but who may be asked a question regarding a country at any given time. That is the only logical explanation for these kinds of tights because why else would you wear them?

Global-Wackiest Tights

10.Mud splats

OK so getting splashes on the back of tights is a common event, but at least when you go out they are nice and clean. However, for this French company this is no longer the way to go because instead they want you to go out as if you have already ran through a muddy puddle as can be seen here.

Mud splats-Wackiest Tights


Well this is certainly a bit strange because these tights have been designed to look as if they are melting. Why would you want to wear something that looks like this? What is the appeal of having legs that seem to have been damaged by standing too close to the fire?

Melting-Wackiest Tights


Well it certainly takes a certain someone to be confident enough to wear these tights because boy do they make a statement. You need to step out there with pride that you are showing off your bones, but do expect a few heads to turn.

Skeletons-Wackiest Tights



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