Unique Cemeteries

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 4:06 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Small desert cemetery

This cemetery is 4000 years old and is in China. The most amazing part is that the bodies have been very well preserved due to the dry arid air, so it is a shock when you discover just how old they actually are. It may be in China, but the people there look distinctly European, so what was going on all of those thousands of years ago?

Small desert cemetery-Unique Cemeteries

2.Newgrange, Ireland

This is a cemetery that is 5000 years old in Ireland and it is one massive tomb. It is referred to as a passage grave due to a central corridor and rooms leading off. These rooms would contain only certain types of bones, which means the individuals were only put in there when they had rotted away so that everything could be organized.

Newgrange, Ireland-Unique Cemeteries

3.Stull Cemetery, Kansas

Believe it or not this innocuous looking cemetery is reported to be the most haunted cemetery on earth. So much so, that Pope John Paul II ordered that his plane not fly over it on a trip to Kansas where it is situated. It is said the ominous atmosphere hits you the moment you enter. Strange goings on have been reported and demonic like happenings have occurred. Some believe the devil himself is buried some where in here. Would anyone like to stay there all night alone?

Stull Cemetery, Kansas-Unique Cemeteries

4.Oldest Pet Cemetery

Saying goodbye to a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing a family member. This cemetery in France is said to be the oldest of its kind. Here pets dearly loved are laid to rest. Beautiful ornaments and replications of the pets are everywhere intermixed with statues of doves and other animals.

Oldest Pet Cemetery-Unique Cemeteries

5.Ornate Ossuary in the Czech Republic

People might have mixed feelings about a cemetery that arranges the bones and skulls of deceased people into intricate chandeliers or patterns. In a way this could be a wonderful memorial to those departed and show us that even our remains are a beautiful thing as opposed something that can be considered grotesque. You can decide for yourself.

Ornate Ossuary in the Czech Republic-Unique Cemeteries

6.Sunset Hill Cemetery

When a child leaves their family early it can be the most devastating event to ever occur. This cemetery in Illinois shows some happy statues of children playing. Someone has even added party hats to cheer the air.

Sunset Hill Cemetery-Unique Cemeteries

7.A Sadly Unique Cemetery

Not an image one would expect when examining unique cemeteries. These poor people in Manila are making use of abandoned tombs and turning them into living spaces. There, they can at least get shelter for their families. It is sad to think that at times even the dead have better housing than the living.

A Sadly Unique Cemetery-Unique Cemeteries

8.Short Term Swiss Cemeteries

Arguably the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, the Swiss sure know how to create a beautiful space to lay ones departed friends and family to rest. This photograph of a Swiss cemetery is breathtaking with the beautiful mountains forming an inspiring backdrop. The only strange part to Swiss cemeteries is that people basically rent the space for 25 years maximum. Once their time is up the gravestones are returned to family members. Where the bones go at this point is a mystery. Although strange to some, this may help mourning family members to stop visiting the site and realize that memories are best kept alive in the mind and heart as opposed to a graveyard.

Short Term Swiss Cemeteries-Unique Cemeteries

9.Under the Sea

If you do not mind diving underwater to see your dearly departed loved one, then the Atlantis Memorial Reef off the coast of Miami, could be the place to lay your loved one to rest. There is certainly an air of peace about the place. As well as a feeling that you have entered into another world once you are down below the watery depths.

Under the Sea-Unique Cemeteries

10.The Catacombs of Italy

One of the most visually spookiest cemeteries could be that of the catacombs in Rome, Italy. Here you see one of the chamber walls embedded with skulls and ghostly looking skeletons swathed in robes. In those days, 5th Century A.D. burying of bodies was forbidden in the city, so burial catacombs were relegated to outside the city some miles away. Just as well, as they appear to be quite spooky with their hollow eyes skulls and ghostly skeleton hosts.

The Catacombs of Italy-Unique Cemeteries

11.Cheerfully Unusual Cemetery

After visiting this cemetery in Romania, one will wonder why we make cemeteries such a sad, and at times, dull place. The gravestones are particularly colorful and the messages quite humorous yet sweet. Pictured here on a sunny day, one can understand that being laid to rest is not such a tragic thing to have to endure.

Cheerfully Unusual Cemetery-Unique Cemeteries

12.Resting Place for Poets

Cemeteries are not the most pleasant places to visit. Unless you chance upon the Protestant cemetery in Rome, Italy. It is said when you enter you experience a wonderful peace and almost spiritual-like awakening. There are even famous poets resting here like John Keats. The beauty of the space and tranquility are quite intoxicating.

Resting Place for Poets-Unique Cemeteries



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