Twitter: From Past To Present

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 1:27 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.December 2013, 300 billion tweets sent

Just stop for a second and try to work this out in your mind. 300 billion tweets have been sent out on this website. That is 300 billion! It is a huge number, but it is one that is continually rising and indeed it will have risen by thousands just in the time it has taken you to read this.

December 2013, 300 billion tweets sent-Twitter: From Past To Present

2.2013, 100 million people log in daily

What this shows is just how popular it is today because very few sites out there can boast such huge numbers of people checking them out on a daily basis. It does mean that Twitter is now one of the major players online.

2013, 100 million people log in daily-Twitter: From Past To Present

3.September 2010, multimedia made easier in tweets

This one is a bit of a shock because it means that for the first four years trying to get multimedia into tweets was a bit difficult or potentially impossible. This change to the site made life so much easier and the result was tweets that could have things such as YouTube videos embedded in them.

September 2010, multimedia made easier in tweets-Twitter: From Past To Present

4.August 2010, Tweet button is launched

This was a development that really did help the website to become more popular across the Internet. It allowed it to link to blogs, social media, and websites in general and offer people the chance to tweet something elsewhere so it would then be viewed by an ever increasing number of people.

August 2010, Tweet button is launched-Twitter: From Past To Present

5.July 2010, search results start to show people

This was a change to the website that really did help it to grow even quicker than before. It was also the point where a search would end up trying to recommend other people for you to follow, so the network of friends that you would have would potentially expand like never before.

July 2010, search results start to show people-Twitter: From Past To Present

6.April 2010, Promoted Tweets is launched

This was the point where the website decided that it had to start trying to make money and it led to Promoted Tweets being born. It is surprising that it took them four years to do this, but it was due to them focusing on building the site and making sure that everything was actually working before doing something that could put some people off using it.

April 2010, Promoted Tweets is launched-Twitter: From Past To Present

7.February 2010, 50 million tweets sent every day

This was certainly a milestone in itself and you have to say that 50 million tweets every single day is very impressive. This was not inspired by major events, which always sees a peak in the number being sent, but was just everyday people sending tweets about everyday things.

February 2010, 50 million tweets sent every day-Twitter: From Past To Present

8.October 2009, 5 billionth tweet sent

What this fact shows is how quickly the website was starting to grow at this point because it took 11 months to add another 4 billion tweets when it took them over two years to get the first billion. The growth at this point meant that there were times where thousands of tweets were being sent each second.

October 2009, 5 billionth tweet sent-Twitter: From Past To Present

9.September 2009, bird introduced

People that use the site will be familiar with the bird design, but they are often amazed to discover that it took over three years before it appeared for the first time. Now it is probably the most recognizable thing about the entire website.

September 2009, bird introduced-Twitter: From Past To Present

10.November 2008. The 1 billionth tweet is sent

It is pretty amazing to think that in just over two years they managed to get up to this huge milestone. At this point they were adding a huge number of members every single day thanks to a number of big celebrities using it to really talk to their fans.

November 2008. The 1 billionth tweet is sent-Twitter: From Past To Present

11.July 15, 2006 is the date when Twitter is launched to the public

After several months of testing this was the date when other people outwith the circle of developers could start to use it and get their own account. It was a bit slow to start off with although there had been a lot of hype online about this apparently cool website.

July 15, 2006 is the date when Twitter is launched to the public-Twitter: From Past To Present

12.March 2006, Twitter created

This is clearly the most important date in the history of Twitter because this was the month when the site was first created and ready for testing. Of course at this point you just had one Tweet on there, and there was no way of knowing just how popular it would become in such a short period of time.

March 2006, Twitter created-Twitter: From Past To Present



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