Tips For Being Active

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 7:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Charity Walks

Walk for a charity. Nothing can motivate a person more than helping an organization or cause. You do not even have to do something too major because any bit of walking is going to be good enough.

Charity Walks-Tips For Being Active


Cycle with your kids or with friends. Many people have great fun at cycle clubs so that is an option too. You can also meet new friends also trying to keep active.

Cycle-Tips For Being Active

3.Body Assessment

Get a body assessment done. Your doctor can offer one and so can your local gym. This way you understand your personal fitness level and what you can do to help yourself in the best way possible. Many find body assessments inspiring and often make huge changes after it.

Body Assessment-Tips For Being Active

4.Sunday Walks

Make Sunday an exploration day and to get out there and see what is around your area. You can walk in beautiful surroundings and take photos, or swim in the streams weather permitting.

Sunday Walks-Tips For Being Active

5.Dance Your Way To New Health

Dancing is a great way to be active, whether organized dancing like Zumba or even at the club, or at home in front of your TV. This is going to burn some calories and get that heart working a bit harder.

Dance Your Way To New Health-Tips For Being Active

6.Surfs Up

If you live in an area where you can surf, take up surfing! It is not too difficult to learn and you can work off calories while you are falling off! Or, you can even plan a surfing holiday making it an exciting adventure.

Surfs Up-Tips For Being Active

7.Keep Active with Horse Riding

Think about what you really like, for example horse riding in order to be a little bit different. You can join a club and meet other people who enjoy it too.

Keep Active with Horse Riding-Tips For Being Active

8.Never Say Never

Never say you are too old to work out or get active. It is never too late and all exercise is good for us. Even if we just keep moving! However, be careful not to overdo things on your part.

Never Say Never-Tips For Being Active

9.Personal Trainer

If you do decide to take the gym route for keeping active, get a mentor or personal trainer. Hanging around healthy people does rub off us on us eventually.

Personal Trainer-Tips For Being Active

10.Just Walk There

Take the stairs, walk to the shop and leave the car at home. In the old days people did that and remained slim and relatively healthy. You don't have to go to gym to get trim.

Just Walk There-Tips For Being Active

11.Call in Some Help

Tell your partner you plan to get fit. Sometimes having someone to spur us on really helps. Even a walk on the beach with your partner is better than sitting still.

Call in Some Help-Tips For Being Active

12.Walk The Dog

Get a dog! Working out should not be hard work. In fact the more fun it is the more you will want to do it. If you cannot keep a dog then offer to take a friends dog for a walk.

Walk The Dog-Tips For Being Active



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