Things You Don't Know About Google

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 9:18 am
By:Tony Williams


All of their money comes from Google and this is rather surprising when they pass themselves off as a rival to them. In actual fact Google pays them over $300 million a year to give you your search results on Firefox, so do you feel a bit cheated about this?

Mozilla-Things You Don't Know About Google


Google is now available in 50 languages and they are always looking at various other ones they can add although clearly they have already exhausted all of the main ones. It just helps to show the global reach of the company that they felt the need to do all of this and of course it has also helped to make them the giants that they are.

Languages-Things You Don't Know About Google


At first Google was called backrub and you have to admit that it is not the best name and you will be extremely glad that they did indeed change it. They must have looked at the name and realized that it simply does not roll off the tongue like they hoped it would and made the best decision of their life.

Backrub-Things You Don't Know About Google

4.Bill Gates

When they were still young, Bill Gates was advised to buy Google with the price at that time being $2 billion. However, he simply laughed at the price, thought they were mad and left them alone. You just know that he has been sitting there wishing he had never made that mistake.

Bill Gates-Things You Don't Know About Google


All new people at Google are called nooglers and on their very first Friday they have to wear a hat with a propeller on it. This is a tradition that has been around since the start of the company and everybody must go through this particular ritual in order to be accepted into the Google family. At least it is harmless as it could so easily have been a lot worse.

Nooglers-Things You Don't Know About Google

6.Kim Malone

Kim Malone actually took 25 interviews to get her senior position at Google and it shows how seriously they take their business when they put top notch people through their paces to this extent. You have to admire her for carrying on with the process as she must have really wanted that job.

Kim Malone-Things You Don't Know About Google


In Kazakhstan they thought of taking goats for payment for their adverts at first, but how that would actually work is something that is very difficult to understand. At least they were trying to think out of the box when they did this, but at the same time surely they could have thought about something better than goats?

Goats-Things You Don't Know About Google

8.The moon

The owners of Google perhaps have a bit too much money because at one point they had an idea to laser Google onto the moon. Obviously they would never be able to do this, but to even contemplate it shows that they must have been very bored one day.

The moon-Things You Don't Know About Google

9.First time?

One third of all searches on Google use combination of words for the first time ever. This is a surprisingly high percentage because you would think that all of those combinations would have already been exhausted, but it does let you see how Google have to stay on their toes at all times.

First time?-Things You Don't Know About Google

10.Burger King

After they received their first investment check they all went to Burger King to celebrate with $100k in their pockets. At this point they did not even have a bank account, so they had to cash it so literally did have all of that money while eating a Whopper.

Burger King-Things You Don't Know About Google

11.Robin Li

Robin Li is the owner of Baidu with this being the biggest search engine in China with it making him a very wealthy man. However, this is not his background because instead he worked in the Dow Jones and came up with idea like Google. However, Dow Jones turned it down.

Robin Li-Things You Don't Know About Google


One of the surprising things about Google is that they were warned twitter was coming but ignored it and they are now thinking about buying it for $10 billion. That is a lot of money that they could have saved themselves, but they believed it would never work, so it shows how wrong they can be at times.

Twitter-Things You Don't Know About Google



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