Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 9:27 am
By:Tony Williams

This is a website that does actually exist even though it was set up for the show. The best part is that they do end up donating money to cancer research, so something good has come out of this character in more ways than one. You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

2.Saul Goodman

This is a good character in the show, but the best part about it is that they went ahead and made him a cool website as well. In actual fact you can go and check it out at

Saul Goodman-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

3.1% improv

When it comes to the lines in the show, then only around 1% is actually due to the actors improvising at that moment in time. This means that any line you find to be rather terrible to listen to was actually meant to be there.

1% improv-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

4.The pizza toss

Do you remember the scene where Walt is that frustrated that he throws his pizza and it ends up on the roof? Well this particular scene was shot in just one take with the pizza landing perfectly. They probably had a huge line of pizzas ready for take after take as well.

The pizza toss-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

5.The X-Files

The only way that Bryan Cranston was able to get the role in the series was due to a performance he had in an episode of the X-Files. At first they thought that this comedy actor could not turn his hand to something more serious, but after viewing him here they changed their mind.

The X-Files-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

6.The cousins

The Cousins were played by real twins and both of them were actually involved in gangs earlier on in their life. However, only one of them had any acting experience, but they both still worked well off one another.

The cousins-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

7.Pregnant actor

In the second season, the character Marie Schrader was supposed to be pregnant, but that was ok as the actress that played her was actually pregnant at the time. This made it easier to shoot close ups as it ended up being all authentic.

Pregnant actor-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad


They say that each episode actually cost $3 million to make with this being higher than the average costs. This does of course mean that they basically spent $40 million making a series.

Expensive-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

9.The DEA

The DEA spend their time trying to catch people like Walter White, but in this instance they taught the actors how to make meth. Additionally, Bryan Cranston was also given some advice on how to be a chemistry teacher.

The DEA-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

10.Walt Jr

The character of Walt Jr had cerebral palsy, but the producers actually went and hired an actor that also had the same condition. They settled on R.J Mitte and the only difference is that his condition is not as severe.

Walt Jr-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

11.It was meant to be Californian.

This series was originally meant to be shot in California, so why did they move it to Albuquerque? The simple answer is because of a tax rebate.

It was meant to be Californian.-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

12.House sold

The house that was used for the character Jesse was actually sold to somebody else while they were making the second season. This then meant that the rest of the scenes were produced on a set that was built to replicate it.

House sold-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

13.A link to Seinfeld

Three of the main actors used to also appear in Seinfeld. Actors Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, and Anna Gunn all had roles in the later seasons.

A link to Seinfeld-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

14.Jesse dying

The original idea was that Jesse would d!e at the end of the first series. He was saved as the original series was shot during a writers strike and the break in production resulted in them realizing how well the two characters got on with one another.

Jesse dying-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

15.Altered science

The writers made sure that the method that was used in the show to make methamphetamine was actually wrong. They did this as they were worried that people would try to copy it and make their own.

Altered science-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

16.A wasted robbery

Walt ended up robbing a train in order to get methylamine. However, scientists say that you could make it at home quite easily, but then it would have been less exciting if it had been like a cookery show.

A wasted robbery-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

17.A bad TV influence

In the show Walt used a live wire to burn through plastic restraints after being tied to a radiator. This has been shown to actually work and inmates in Australia have been using it to light illegal cigarettes.

A bad TV influence-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

18.The final scene filmed

The final scene to be shot was a cooking flashback. After this everybody went and got drunk with Cranston getting a tattoo on his finger for the show.

The final scene filmed-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

19.Blue meth

This sound crazy, but since the show came out drug producers have actually started to add blue dye and pretending to customers that it is stronger as a result. They then push the price up, but in actual fact it is all just the same.

Blue meth-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

20.Bryan Cranston

Did you know that Bryan was once wanted for murder? Both he and his brother worked in a restaurant where the owner was a bit mad. They both resigned then the owner was murdered and for some time they were both seen as suspects.

Bryan Cranston-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

21.Lotto code

Do you know the coordinates that were hidden on a Lotto ticket? Well they actually take you to the studios in Albuquerque where the show was shot. If you thought it would take you to tens of millions of dollars, then think again.

Lotto code-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

22.The piano solo

Skinny Pete was seen giving the introduction to a solo from Bach in a music shop and he took it that seriously that he practiced for three hours a day for a month. Imagine how annoyed he was when only a part of it got into the show.

The piano solo-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

23.The home is real

The home that we associate with the main character is actually a real house. A woman called Fran has lived in it since 1973 and apparently she now has a number of cars stopping outside to take photographs.

The home is real-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad

24.Its closer to reality than you think

So the idea of a teacher doing this sounds far fetched doesn't it? Well in actual fact there are a number of teachers out there that have already been there and done it and that includes a woman who ran a meth lab even though she was 74 and a mathematics professor.

Its closer to reality than you think-Things You Didn't Know About Breaking Bad



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