Things To Consider Before Buying A House

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 10:17 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Reassess Extras

Make sure the house has all the amenities that you really want. Don't settle for something that may make you resentful down the road. Do you really want a two car garage instead the one car garage that the home has, or a deck to sit out on? Maybe you want a pool, or you really dislike pools. Make sure you get what you want.

Reassess Extras-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

2.Go To City Hall

Take a trip to City Hall and find out if there are any liens or restrictions on the house. By checking the property and neighborhood's zoning you can protect yourself from any surprises that may creep up down the road, such as if you want to put a pool in the backyard.

Go To City Hall-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

3.Check Out Taxes

The selling price of the house might be a bargain, but not if the taxes are through the roof. Be sure to check out the property taxes in that area and do some thorough research. Taxes can cause people to lose their homes when it comes as a surprise. Do your homework.

Check Out Taxes-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

4.Inspect The View

Check out the view from various points in the home. Where does the kitchen overlook, your bedroom, the living room? You don't want to be staring into a brick wall, or into someone else's window, nor do you want your neighbors looking in on you. A nice view will make the home all that more appealing, while an unpleasant view might be a deal breaker.

Inspect The View-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

5.Get A Home Inspection

A home inspection is an important part of any home purchase. Make sure to have it done by a reputable company, and not by the sellers recommendation. Some agents and sellers have people who will do inspections and fudge on the results. You want a neutral party to give you the truth.

Get A Home Inspection-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

6.Explore Neighborhood

Explore the neighborhood. What is in close proximity to you. Can you walk to the market, is there a school close by, can you safely go for a run? How far is the supermarket, the gym, work? These are all important considerations when buying a house that you may live in for up to thirty years.

Explore Neighborhood-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

7.Talk To Neighbors

When doing a drive by, stop and talk to the neighbors. Are they people that you want to live next door to, or down the street from. This can play a large part in your happiness in your new house. If they are not people you can imagine yourself being around for the next twenty to thirty years, you might want to rethink the purchase.

Talk To Neighbors-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

8.Visit House At Various Times Of Day

Take a drive by the house at various times of the day to see what goes on there. Are there lots of little children on the street playing outside, are there loud neighbors having parties, is there an elderly person that needs quiet? What about when it rains, does the street flood?

Visit House At Various Times Of Day-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

9.Ask To View Utility Bills

Ask to look at utility bills for a home that you are interested in purchasing. You want to see for yourself what the electric bill, water bill, and heating bill is. Howeowners, or selling agents, might give you an estimate, but you should know beforehand the actual costs.

Ask To View Utility Bills-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

10.Mention Remodeling Ideas To Seller

Mention remodeling ideas that you have to your seller. Use this as a negotiating tool to drop the cost of the house. Mention why you will be making these renovations, and why the house needs it. This gives you bargaining power and helps put the ball in your court.

Mention Remodeling Ideas To Seller-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

11.Get Records Of Past Repairs Or Renovations

One of the things you should ask for when considering a house to purchase, is a record of past repairs and renovations. You want to know why something was repaired and how it was repaired. If something wasn't replaced but was repaired instead, chances are it will give you problems down the road.

Get Records Of Past Repairs Or Renovations-Things To Consider Before Buying A House

12.Quiz Sellers

When considering buying a house, don't be afraid to quiz the sellers. Ask the questions that you really want to know, and ask as many as you'd like. They are there to sell the house and should be open to helping you make an informed decision. Hesitation and double talking, are sure signs to walk away.

Quiz Sellers-Things To Consider Before Buying A House



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