Terrible Tattoo

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 4:15 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Where's Wally

Ah! There's Wally, we knew we would find him. Behind this guys nipple. Out of all the zillions of guys in the world and all the nipples. We found him! Now go and get a tattoo to celebrate.

Where's Wally-Terrible Tattoo

2.Gory Shocks.

Imagine if this due was in a car accident and his shirt was cut off. The doctors would be in for a right shock! In terms of terrible tattoos this could be one of the top ten because even though the art itself is good it is still a terrible scene.

Gory Shocks.-Terrible Tattoo

3.Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is so cute. So cute in fact that having Miss Kitty all over your face seems like a good idea. This is probably the most not cute way of wearing Miss Kitty because surely you would have been better off owning a piece of merchandise instead?

Miss Kitty-Terrible Tattoo


Ever wondered what happens when you break up with the love of your life? The one that inspired you to have their name tattooed on your body? You cross it out silly! However, you do then have to walk around with this on your shoulder instead.

Mistakes-Terrible Tattoo

5.Useful Body Holes

Give a guy a hole and he will find meaning it. Plus, this little kitty will be subject to the same expanding problems the owner has and surely that is cruelty to animals?

Useful Body Holes-Terrible Tattoo


Loads of people like to take portraits of loved one's and get them tattooed on their body. It's for life and a quaint gesture. All round though this portrait looks creepy with its deep staring eyes and strange grin.

Scary-Terrible Tattoo

7.Thumbs Down On Shaved

By the look of this guys tattoo it is plain to see he does not favor 'shaved' or surely he would never have got this tattoo. We wonder how he feels when he has a bad case of body odor or is spraying on underarm deodorant. Ouch!

Thumbs Down On Shaved-Terrible Tattoo


This guy really likes Brenda. He really does. I wonder what happens when he no longer likes Brenda? Is he then forced to only ever be in a relationship with somebody that has this name?

Namesake-Terrible Tattoo

9.Don't Ask

Some things we just don't like to ask. Perhaps this terrible tattoo is one of those occasions? Is it a bird with big boobs? How do you even come up with this kind of an idea for a tattoo in the first place?

Don't Ask-Terrible Tattoo

10.Say What?

Has this gent had blue eye-shadow tattooed on his eyelids to remove several steps from his morning routine? As far as terrible tattoos goes perhaps this is the worst one ever seen. You be the judge because in all honesty this does not look that good.

Say What?-Terrible Tattoo


Some women get eye-liner or make-up tattoos to remove up to three steps in their morning make-up routine. We wonder if this guys sketchy bow tie has done the same for him?

Sketchy-Terrible Tattoo

12.Terrible Forehead Tattoo

It has been said that if someone tells you what they are that you better believe them. This guy has put it on his forehead so you won't forget. Or perhaps it is to remind him? No matter the reason, you have to admit that this really is a terrible tattoo.

Terrible Forehead Tattoo-Terrible Tattoo



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