Teenage Girls Be Like..

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:04 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.13 and a relationship expert

Yep now 13 year old girls believe that they are relationship experts and that is quite scary. They think they know it all and are prepared to tell the world about it, but there is no way in hell we are going to listen to them.

13 and a relationship expert-Teenage Girls Be Like..

2.A bit harsh

When you are 14 you really should not be thinking along these lines and it is scary that this is not just an isolated case. What is it with all of this stuff about being pregnant and desperate to become a mother?

A bit harsh-Teenage Girls Be Like..

3.Wasting time

Yep teenagers are great at wasting time with drawing and simply day dreaming. They then wonder why they are struggling at school when the answer is right in front of them, but they will just not listen.

Wasting time-Teenage Girls Be Like..

4.Both sexes are stupid

Let's be honest here when you are a teenager you are stupid no matter the sex, but it seems to be the case that teenage girls do believe that they have the upper hand. However, if you are going to make a comment about being stupid perhaps you should check your spelling first.

Both sexes are stupid-Teenage Girls Be Like..

5.Looking for attention

It just seems as if teenage girls in the world today are more about attention seeking than ever before. They will search for compliments in order to try to boost their flagging ego and quite often they fail when doing so.

Looking for attention-Teenage Girls Be Like..

6.A scary thought

The scary part is that this is not a joke as it does happen, so keep that in mind the next time you are in Tumblr and like the look of a picture. That is just ridiculous that they can end up being like that and where has their innocence gone?

A scary thought-Teenage Girls Be Like..

7.The eternal question

This really is the eternal question because it just seems as if 13 year olds are dressing like adults and indeed in some instances they are dressing in ways that not even adult women would dress. How did all of this start and where will it end?

The eternal question-Teenage Girls Be Like..

8.Erm no you can't

What is it about teenage girls that makes them think that on the morning of them turning 13 that suddenly the world is their oyster? They believe that they know everything and can do anything they want, but boy are they in for a shock.

Erm no you can't-Teenage Girls Be Like..

9.How times have changed

If you are an adult you can probably remember times when teenage girls did not dress like the girl on the right and that makes it seem as if we lived in a more innocent world. Scrap that we did live in a more innocent world and it was better for it.

How times have changed-Teenage Girls Be Like..

10.The fickle world of teenagers

Teenagers often believe that they are being mis-represented and this is what their life is really like. Apparently everybody thinks that they are doing something when they are just being all innocent aren't they?

The fickle world of teenagers-Teenage Girls Be Like..

11.This is a mystery

This has to be an absolute mystery because they just simply love Justin Bieber and most of them think that they are in some kind of relationship. When will they learn?

This is a mystery-Teenage Girls Be Like..

12.This can't be good

Yeah if they are in this kind of situation, then the chances of it ending up good are pretty slim. They may think that they are living the high life at this point, but boy will it come crashing down on them.

This can't be good-Teenage Girls Be Like..



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