Strangest Bracelets

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 6:25 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is strange in that it combines both a bracelet as well as a number of rings and as you can see it does this in the shape of a skeleton hand. OK the design itself is very well done and it is certainly a clever idea, but at the same time why would you want to wear this kind of thing just on a day to day basis? Surely it does not fit with that many outfits that you could wear to work or even just going shopping?

Skeleton-Strangest Bracelets

2.I heart Boobies

OK you can't see it all, but this bracelet says I (then a heart) boobies, so straight away that is going to limit the places that you can wear it without somebody getting on your case. Yes it may be a bit of a joke, but surely practicality has to count for something?

I heart Boobies-Strangest Bracelets


Well this bracelet seems to be an advertising executives dream since it is covered in them. Yes the adverts may be old, but the idea is still very strange because why would you want to walk around with this on you? Could you wear this on a night out and not feel as if something was wrong?

Adverts-Strangest Bracelets



Well what can you say about this bracelet apart from the fact that it is a set of teeth? You have to question what on earth is going on when something that looks like this is actually made and expected to be worn because surely you could only do that on Halloween?

Smile!!!-Strangest Bracelets

5.The telephone

This is some weird and wacky design that you can put on your wrist, but how big and clunky is it going to be? This just does not look functional either as a piece of jewelry or as a telephone, and you would need to have one seriously strong arm to walk around with this on you all day long.

The telephone-Strangest Bracelets

6.The comical bracelet

Everybody is now very used to these kinds of charity bracelets, so it is nice to see somebody bringing out a version where there is some comedy included in the message it is trying to put across. Ok it might be a bit strange using something such as cancer in this context, but how many people are going to actually read it?

The comical bracelet-Strangest Bracelets

7.The zipper

How many people have ever looked at their zipper and thought it would make a great bracelet? Very few people is the answer to that and it is easy to understand why when you take a look at this example. Yes it may be bright and colorful, but it is not exactly what you would call classy in any way.

The zipper-Strangest Bracelets

8.The camera lens

If you are a mad photographer, then perhaps you are able to see the sense in these bracelets that are actually made from a camera lens. Apart from that there really is little point because they are plastic and generally do not look like a piece of jewelry.

The camera lens-Strangest Bracelets

9.The pencil

This is both strange and cool in equal measures because it just looks like a pencil that has been bent into a bracelet shape and nothing else. It is simple, but at the same time it is effective, but when would you wear it? Surely this is just for a school reunion or something?

The pencil-Strangest Bracelets

10.The handcuffs

Well this looks more like something that should be in the bedroom and not acting as a normal bracelet. You do wonder about the kind of outfit that you need to wear so that this looks part of it because that is surely going to end up with some kinky looking stuff.

The handcuffs-Strangest Bracelets

11.Scary frog

Now some would argue that this was art, but it is seriously scary and that should be enough to put you off wearing it. Just look at the detail that is in it and try to argue the case for this being classed as beautiful as you just cannot do it.

Scary frog-Strangest Bracelets


Yes this actually is bacon as a bracelet and you have to question who thought that this kind of a design would be a good idea. Do they not realize that bacon drives even the most sane of people insane? You would have a row of people following behind you if you wore this out in public.

Bacon-Strangest Bracelets



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