Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 8:56 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Jackie Chan Fists of Fire

This was actually their second attempt since the first one hardly featured Jackie Chan. However, this time there are three of him in there just with a different outfit on and you can have him fighting himself at different points. The other big difference is when you defeat him he does not die and jumps up, but when you die boy are you dead.

Jackie Chan Fists of Fire-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

2.Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest

In this game you are a cube shaped pig and that in itself is bizarre. The aim is to stay alive and get bigger by ripping apart smaller animals and who thought that this would be a fantastic idea for a game?

Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

3.Takeshi's Challenge

If you have ever seen the TV show, then you will know that the video game will be even stranger if that is possible. Apparently the people behind it hated video games, so went out of his way to make something that you will also hate, and they succeeded and everybody in the game hates you as well. The only way to get on is to get drunk, get divorced, and act like an ass.

Takeshi's Challenge-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

4.The Houchi Play

This game is worrying because you are a middle aged pervert who chats to youngish looking girls and the attention then turns to what they are wearing. This game is seriously creepy and it is no surprise that it was not exactly a huge success.

The Houchi Play-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

5.Hatoful Boyfriend

OK brace yourself because this game involves you being a human at a posh school for pigeons and you need to solve a mystery while pigeons flirt with you all of the time. What kind of mind bending drugs was the creator on??

Hatoful Boyfriend-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

6.Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou

Do you want to know the strangest part of this game? You end up inside the head of the main enemy and when we say inside the head we do mean the inside physically and not just trying to get into their thoughts. You are then left to explore it, so they must have a lot of empty space in there.

Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

7.I'm Sorry

The funniest part about this game is that they decided to make the bad guys people like Madonna and Michael Jackson, so you do end up with them running around chasing you. What is the point that the creators were trying to make here?

I'm Sorry-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

8.LSD Dream Emulator

This video game does indeed do what the name suggests and why would you want to play a game where it just replicates a dream? It is full of strange graphics and you walking around doing not very much at all.

LSD Dream Emulator-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

9.School Days

This sounds innocent enough, but it is all about the dialogue and if you make the wrong choices, then you will get an ending that involves rape or murder rather than being all happy. Boy that is a game for all of the family.

School Days-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever


This is all about having a virtual girlfriend, but in order to get anywhere you need to solve some puzzles. After you solve them you can change the end result and how the relationship pans out, but surely you have enough issues with your real life relationship?

Catherine-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

11.Muscle March

This game involves you being a muscular person who is chasing a thief that has stolen your protein supplement. However, you get the feeling that it was probably some kind of illegal steroid because why would you chase from for a protein shake?

Muscle March-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever

12.Mister Mosquito

You may have already guessed that this game involves you flying around a house as a mosquito and right from the very beginning you know how strange that entire thing sounds. You spend your time trying to bite people and not being squashed and that is it.

Mister Mosquito-Strangest Japanese Video Games Ever



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