Sellotape Selfies

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 9:47 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Even celebs do it

Well it is good to see that even celebrities do it and indeed you could argue that Jim Carey started it all off when he did this in a movie. He does not need tape to make himself look funny though.

Even celebs do it-Sellotape Selfies

2.The ultimate hands free

Well this is what you call hands free although it is going to be a bit awkward trying to make and receive calls when it is strapped to your head like this. Also with the way your nose is taped down you will sound strange as well.

The ultimate hands free-Sellotape Selfies

3.You are supposed to pedal it

This guy better be told that you are supposed to pedal it rather than tape it to your head. It is of course the same guy that did the golf clubs, so he needs somebody to sit him down and tell him what you actually do with the things.

You are supposed to pedal it-Sellotape Selfies


4.As flat as a pancake

This guy has managed to make sure that his face is as flat as the proverbial pancake, but at least he has managed to bring a smile to our face in the process. The only thing that worries you is how painful it will be for him getting that tape off his beard.

As flat as a pancake-Sellotape Selfies

5.That's not how you lift weights

Somebody better let this guy know that this is not how you lift weights and indeed it can only end badly for him as well. No wonder he looks as if he is in some pain though because that is going to be heavy.

That's not how you lift weights-Sellotape Selfies

6.Anybody for golf?

The first thing that you think of here is how strong the guys neck must be in order to support a golf bag full of clubs. The next thing you think is how flat has his nose become thanks to the tape?

Anybody for golf?-Sellotape Selfies

7.Get shaving!!

This is seriously funny with the way that he has managed to tape shaving items to his own face. He looks like the kind of guy that hardly has to use any of the things, but at least when it does come to him shaving he knows where it is.

Get shaving!!-Sellotape Selfies

8.Are you hungry?

Do you think that this guy is hungry with the way he has taped bread and spread to his face? It does look as if the bread is going straight through his head, but then that is what he wanted to achieved.

Are you hungry?-Sellotape Selfies

9.Your face is curvy

This guy looks as if his face is now curvy with the way that the tape has pulled various bits in quite tightly. He has been quite selective with where he has placed the tape and that is quite a good thing because it has certainly made him look hilarious.

Your face is curvy-Sellotape Selfies

10.One eye only

This guy can basically just see out of one eye thanks to the way that he has taped himself up and that cannot be a good thing. He has hardly used any tape to produce this, so is clearly quite skilled at it and has done it before.

One eye only-Sellotape Selfies

11.He looks evil

This guy just looks quite evil with the way that he has taped his own face up and you would certainly want to keep him away from members of the public. Perhaps it is the way that the nose is turned up and the lips are pulled up that makes it scary?

He looks evil-Sellotape Selfies

12.Is it an improvement?

This woman now looks as if she has seen something horrible and is screaming at the top of her lungs with the picture then being paused. How on earth do you get your face into this position even with sellotape?

Is it an improvement?-Sellotape Selfies



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