Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:51 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Get those muscles popping

For some reason the muscles do not go with the rest of this person even though there is no photoshopping in it. You look at it and your eyes do not believe what they are seeing and there is a good chance that is what women will be thinking as well.

Get those muscles popping-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

2.Shave for it

This guy must believe that being clean shaven is the key, but nobody told him that it is not advisable to take a photograph of yourself shaving in order to attract a woman. Instead, it just makes you look a bit silly.

Shave for it-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

3.Photoshopped too much

This is scary because they have photoshopped three different people onto the one shot and put it on their dating profile. They are trying to make it look as if they have friends, but instead we just know that they are bad at cutting and pasting.

Photoshopped too much-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

4.Me ninja warrior!!

Yep this guy believes that women love to date a wannabe ninja, so he has got his best weapons out and put them on show. However, we get the feeling that it might not have the impact that he was hoping for as he will just scare them away instead.

Me ninja warrior!!-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

5.A dead fox on your head

If you have run out of ideas for photographs on your dating profile, then at least you can always fall back on the fox on the head shot. Clearly this is going to be the one that helps you to get all of the girls because who could resist?

A dead fox on your head-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

6.The artwork doesn't help

In this one there is no doubt that the artwork does not help the photograph and indeed you end up looking at that more than you look at her. Maybe taking it in another room would have been a good idea?

The artwork doesn't help-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

7.That just does nothing for us

Somebody has to tell this girl that you either need just plain old water or champagne to get the right effect because some nasty looking soda just does not cut it. Instead, it just looks as if she has opened it and it has burst all over her.

That just does nothing for us-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

8.Romantic...with a gun

Yeah now that is a good idea. Start off with a romantic photograph of you with a rose and then spoil it all by taking a photograph of you pointing a gun at the camera. Talk about going from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Romantic...with a gun-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

9.A mermaid??

Are you being serious? Why on earth would you want to put a photograph of yourself dressed as a mermaid on your dating profile? Is there some strange fetish out there that we do not know about?

A mermaid??-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

10.Leave the banana alone!!

Somebody should tell this girl to just leave the banana alone as it is really doing nothing at all for this picture. If she is trying to look seductive, then she has failed in a major way and instead it just looks kind of awkward.

Leave the banana alone!!-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

11.What a contrast

Well that is what you call a contrast in pictures as one has this guy trying to look quite cool, but then in the next one he is doing some ballet move with a kids climbing apparatus. He clearly feels that girls love guys that can do that with their legs.

What a contrast-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures

12.A gun and a vacuum cleaner?

At what point when filling in your dating profile do you think that a gun and vacuum cleaner combination is the best option? Surely there could have been a whole host of other things that they could have done instead of this rather scary idea?

A gun and a vacuum cleaner?-Scary Russian Dating Site Pictures



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