Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

Monday, Sep 21, 2020, 3:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Trans Fats

McDonald's uses trans fats in their burgers, shakes, fries and breakfast foods. These oils cause artery damage, cholesterol, and DNA damage. McDonald's uses hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in your food, causing weight gain, which then causes a whole host of other problems. McDonald's continues to do this, knowing the damage these substances cause.

Trans Fats-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds


No, this putty is not a toy in a Happy Meal, it's what McDonald's put in your food. Dimethylpolysiloxane is a big word for the silicone that is used in Silly Putty, and in the food that you consume at McDonald's. If you knew that would you voluntarily eat it?

Putty-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds


Petroleum has a host of great uses in this world, but it's not something that you should be eating. Tertiary butyhydroquinone, or TBHQ, is a petroleum derived product that McDonald's puts in your food and lists on the ingredients on their website. Chicken McNuggets with a heaping of Vaseline, yum!

Petroleum-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

4.Salads Sprayed With Chemicals

McDonald's salads seem like a healthy choice, right? Their lettuce seems fresh and crisp, but do you know why it stays so crisp. Chemicals. McDonald's spreays it's salads with a chemical specifically designed to keep lettuce crisp. It's good for the lettuce, not so good for your body or your health.

Salads Sprayed With Chemicals-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

5.Employees Work On Christmas Day

McDonald's is open on Christmas Day and therefore employees, who would much rather be home eating with their families and opening presents, are forced to stand behind the counter at their local McDonald's. While it may seem that some unfortunate people might need a place to eat, a soup kitchen is probably healthier.

Employees Work On Christmas Day-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

6.They Support Destruction Of Rainforests

McDonald's allegedly uses soybeans, that are harvested from endangered areas of the rainforest, to feed their chickens that they then serve you. Fox News reported on Greenpeace's findings, making it public knowledge and McDonald's said they would no longer do it, however no further information can be found on whether this happened or not.

They Support Destruction Of Rainforests-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

7.High Fat Low Nutritional Value

There is more sugar in their foods than found in candy. Unhealthy, bleached white bread used in all of their sandwiches convert directly into sugar in the body, spiking blood sugar and causing an insulin rush. The result weight gain, obesity, type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and more and this doesn't even cover their shakes and cookies.

High Fat Low Nutritional Value-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

8.Promotes Obesity

McDonald's refused to acknowledge its contribution to the obesity of children in the world. Blaming the parents, and everything else, the company will not take any responsibility for marketing to children and then serving them food that makes them overweight and unhealthy. It's the children who nag their parents to take them to McDonald's and the company knows it.

Promotes Obesity-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

9.Burgers Will Never Rot

What does it tell you about a burger if ten and twenty years later it never rots? How many preservatives do you think are in that burger to have it last that long? While the burger may live on and on into the next century, you, unfortunately, will expire much sooner than your expiration date from eating this food.

Burgers Will Never Rot-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

10.Fries fried in Beef Extract Flavored Oil

Vegetarians think they can safely eat McDonald's fries. Well, think again. The oil they use is flavored with beef extract. There is actually no need for this flavoring, but it is used nonetheless, without divulging this information to unsuspecting customers, some of whom are vegetarians and would be very unhappy to find out what they're eating.

Fries fried in Beef Extract Flavored Oil-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

11.Promotes Endothelial Dysfunction

The processed fats that McDonald's uses in their food creates endothelial dysfunction. This dysfunction can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Along with that, these fats are proven to be fatal for the heart, causing all sorts of cardiac problems as well. All this from eating McDonald's just twice a week.

Promotes Endothelial Dysfunction-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds

12.Pink Slime Burgers

By now most of you have probably heard about the pink slime the use as burgers at McDonald's. In case you forgot, or never heard, the meat, on the bones of carcasses, that butchers would throw out or that would be used for dog food, is spun off the bone and then washed in ammonia.

Pink Slime Burgers-Reasons Why You Should Not Eat At McDonalds



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