Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:58 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Cat Tunnel Sofa

Animals just love to climb on chairs and sofas. Since no one really wants to clean up pet hair, this is a wonderful idea. This cat tunnel sofa allows your cat (or small dog) to burrow over, and inside the chair. Pets would have hours of fun with a sofa like this. Meanwhile, you can relax on your sofa without any interruptions.

Cat Tunnel Sofa-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

2.Kitty Loft

Even if you can't afford a loft, it doesn't mean your kitty has to suffer too. This kitty loft will make your pet feel like they're part of the rich and glamorous life. It's a good thing that cats have nine lives, because if that cat slips off of that loft, he's done for.

Kitty Loft-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

3.Pipeline Fish Tank

Fish lead a fairly boring life. They swim left to right and top to bottom all day long. This Pipeline Fish Tank will give any fish some much needed excitement. The pipeline is structured in a way that allows fish to swim from section-to-section. Unfortunately, if that pipeline cracks in the middle of the night, it's bye-bye fishy.

Pipeline Fish Tank-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

4.Dog House Fort

Your dog will be living in the lap of luxury with this fort. Unlike most doghouses that don't give pets much room to move around, this fort allows dogs more freedom. With this fort, a dog can choose to stay inside the house when it's raining, or they can climb up to the top of the fort to enjoy the warm summer breeze.

Dog House Fort-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

5.Outdoor Catwalk

Your feline friend can shake his little tush on this outdoor catwalk. The caged catwalk encases your kitty so they can walk around and enjoy the fresh air outside, without you having to worry about their whereabouts. This idea is a great way to give your pet some much-needed exercise as well.

Outdoor Catwalk-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

6.Cat Radiator Bed

This radiator bed will keep your cat feeling warm and toasty on cold winter's nights. The cylinder bed hooks onto any radiator, so owners need not worry about their cat prancing around the house at night. Let's just hope the radiator doesn't get too hot, or else you'll smell fried kitty in the morning.

Cat Radiator Bed-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

7.Kitchen Dog Bowls

Dogs huddle around the table just waiting for a morsel to drop on the floor so they can eat it. These built-in dog bowls will make your pet feel like it's a part of the family. The bowls don't detach from the kitchen island, so your dog has to stay put and eat. The bowls are stainless steel, so their water will stay cooler for longer periods of time.

Kitchen Dog Bowls-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

8.Private Cat Bathroom

This all-in-one cat bathroom is an invention that would fly off the shelves. With this bathroom (which resembles a box) your cat has privacy so it can do its business and then move along. This is a great piece of furniture to have, this way you won't have any unsightly cat litter in the middle of your living room.

Private Cat Bathroom-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

9.Cat Crib Hammock

Cats love to hide underneath furniture. If you don't know where your cat is, you just haven't looked under the right piece of furniture yet. Since they love to crawl underneath chairs, you might as well make them feel comfortable with the Cat Crib Hammock. The hammock attaches to the legs of your chair and your kitty is left feel secure and warm.

Cat Crib Hammock-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

10.Bedside Table Dog House

This piece of furniture kills two birds with one stone. Owners need a table near their bed and their pets need somewhere warm to sleep at night. This bedside table dog house is convenient and cozy. Your dog will be close enough to guard you at all times, and they won't feel compelled to jump on your bed which will disturb your night's sleep.

Bedside Table Dog House-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

11.Coffee Table Hammock

Pets love coffee tables for some reason. If you're not a fan of having your pet lying on your coffee table, then why not give them something else to sleep on. This coffee table hammock will keep your pet off of your table and on a place where they are secure and comfortable.

Coffee Table Hammock-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas

12.Cat Grass Table

If you don't have grass in your area, you can solve that with this table. Cats like to roam free outside, which can be dangerous. For the pet owners who want to keep a watchful eye on their cat, this grass table is the perfect idea. A cat could spend hours just playing in this strip of grass. And the best part is that you, as the owner, don't have to worry about your kitty bringing bugs back into the house.

Cat Grass Table-Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas



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