People Who Came Back From Death

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 3:02 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Carl Jung

Legendary Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung is known mostly for his groundbreaking theories of psychotherapy. But he makes this list because of a heart attack he had in 1944, during which time he claims to have briefly died and observed the earth from a thousand times above it.

Carl Jung-People Who Came Back From Death

2.Pam Reynolds

Singer and songwriter Pam Reynolds had what she described as an out-of-body experience in 1991 when she underwent hypothermic cardiac surgery. During this eerie event, reynolds claims to be able to observe the surgery as she floated above the room. She later released an album based on this occurrence.

Pam Reynolds-People Who Came Back From Death

3.Dr. Eben Alexander III

While most coming-back-from-death experiences typically seem to happen to ordinary people with no particular background in science, the guy in the bow tie is an interesting exception. He spent a week virtually brain dead in 1988 only to return to the living soon after. He wrote a successful book called Proof of Heaven.

Dr. Eben Alexander III-People Who Came Back From Death


4.Don Piper

The ordained minister Don Piper's best-selling book 90 Minutes of Heaven details his strange and exhilarating experience of having been pronounced dead after a car crash and apparently spending time in heaven with family members and an otherworldly choir. For some returning to the real world must be a let down, but perhaps not for Piper, whose book sold over four million copies.

Don Piper-People Who Came Back From Death

5.Angie Fenimore

After a suicide attempt in 1991, Fenimore spent a short amount of time deceased. She claims to have been surrounded by a dark, horrifying visions that, to her, indicated that she had been swallowed by the fires of hell. She wrote a highly popular book about her experience called Beyond The Darkness.

Angie Fenimore-People Who Came Back From Death

6.Elizabeth Taylor

Legendary screen actress Elizabeth Taylor had an unforgettable experience when pronounced dead on the operating table for an entire five minutes. She claims to have visited her deceased husband Michael Todd who urged her to return to the living. The always obliging Taylor did so. She would marry five more times before succumbing to death a final time in 2011.

Elizabeth Taylor-People Who Came Back From Death

7.Lyudmila Steblitskaya

The lady in this picture may not seem to be having such a great time, but she is definitely having doing better than the strange weekend she had in 2011 when she seemingly died then returned to the land of the living. The worst part is that after being revived she had to spend a weekend in the morgue before returning to her family.

Lyudmila Steblitskaya-People Who Came Back From Death

8.Erica Nigrelli

Nathan Nigrelli called 911 when his pregnant wife went into a seizure. Hours later he was told that his daughter was alive and his wife was dead. They were half right. At some point Erica's heart had simply begun beating again. Erica wears a pacemaker today, but is otherwise alive and healthy.

Erica Nigrelli-People Who Came Back From Death

9.Colton Burpo

At the age of four, Colton Burpo took would you might call a rare trip. He claims to have spent a few years in heaven only to return and make his father Todd a bestselling author. Todd Burpo's book Heaven is for Real details his son's amazing journey in which Colton claims to have spent his time being sung to by angels and coddled by Jesus.

Colton Burpo-People Who Came Back From Death

10.Li Xiufeng

At ninety-five years of age, Li Xiufeng gave her neighbors quite a shock when she climbed out of her casket six days after her death. Xuifeng had been found motionless and not breathing earlier that week. These are usually signs that a person is no longer with us. But Li Xiufeng decided to join us again.

Li Xiufeng-People Who Came Back From Death

11.Donald Southerland

Canadian-born actor Donald Southerland's impressively long career was nearly cut short when in 1979, his life was endangered by a bout with meningitis. Like many who have such experiences he described the ordeal as a feeling of his soul floating away from his body and later -- thankfully -- returning.

Donald Southerland-People Who Came Back From Death

12.Kelvin Santos

The tale of this Brazilian boy is pretty dramatic stuff. Apparently the two-year-old, having been officially pronounced dead, was all set to have his body buried when he sat up and asked for water. Sadly the story didn't end there. According to witnesses, he then fell back into his casket and was soon pronounced dead a second -- presumably final --time.

Kelvin Santos-People Who Came Back From Death

13.Sir Francis Beaufort

The dignified and distinguished gentleman you see in this picture very nearly suffered a not-so dignified finish in 1795 he when almost drowned in Portsmouth harbor. He claimed to have then seen his entire life flash before him -- but backwards for some reason. It's not known if he swam the backstroke to safety.

Sir Francis Beaufort-People Who Came Back From Death

14.Alvaro Garza Jr.

This young man has been dubbed "The Miracle Baby" and for good reason. The very fact that he had survived had defied all the odds. In 1987 he somehow survived the icy waters of the Red River of Fargo, North Dakota. Garza has since become the subject of countless documentaries, TV shows and news stories

Alvaro Garza Jr.-People Who Came Back From Death

15.Jane Seymour

Actress Jane Seymour is best known as the star of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. But she found herself in need of medical help when she reportedly went into anaphylactic shock and a real life doctor mistakenly injected penicillin into her vein instead of her muscle. She claims that coming back to life was simply a matter of returning to her body because she wasn't yet ready to go.

Jane Seymour-People Who Came Back From Death



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