Old People With Tattoos

Saturday, May 30, 2020, 8:06 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.A couple together

What you see here is a happy couple that are in love and also love their tattoos. You would not want to sit and count how many they have on their bodies because it would probably take you too long.

A couple together-Old People With Tattoos

2.Japanese culture

In Japan it is part of the culture of the mafia to have elaborate tattoos and this is one such example. Because you understand what is behind it you do find that it is easier to accept it.

Japanese culture-Old People With Tattoos

3.Not a spare spot

There really is not a spare spot on this guys body that has not been tattooed and do you think he suits it? This would have taken so much money and so much time, but then when you are older you are stuck with them.

Not a spare spot-Old People With Tattoos

4.The beard does help

There is no doubt that the beard does help this guy with his tattoos, but why does he have two penguins sitting there at his belly button? They seem to just be a collection of designs with no real thought put into them.

The beard does help-Old People With Tattoos

5.Facial tattoos

In some parts of the world this is part of the culture and they really do think nothing of getting facial tattoos if it fits in with everybody else. How do you think it looks now when they are older?

Facial tattoos-Old People With Tattoos

6.More faces

This guy has covered himself in tattoos of faces of women and you have to question why anybody would do that. Are they ex lovers? Women he just likes? Or did he just get their photographs and get it done?

More faces-Old People With Tattoos

7.He looks cool

Maybe it is the moustache, but this old guy actually looks quite cool with these tattoos and it does help that they are large and you can see what they are supposed to represent. The tattoo artist that was responsible for them was certainly very good at his job.

He looks cool-Old People With Tattoos

8.Just a poor attempt

This old guy must be regretting getting these tattoos done when he was younger as they just look even worse now that he is old. This is what happens when you go crazy with them and then end up regretting it in the future.

Just a poor attempt-Old People With Tattoos

9.Tattoos gone mad

This woman is one of the most tattooed in the world and she absolutely loves it. You do not even know where to begin with them as there are so many and she apparently then went and got some more later on.

Tattoos gone mad-Old People With Tattoos

10.A late starter

Apparently this woman did not get her first tattoo until she was later and you can believe that as the colors are still very strong. She now has a huge number of them and this does make her a rather different granny to have.

A late starter-Old People With Tattoos

11.Flag tattoos

This guy is in his 70s and he has hundreds of flags tattooed all over his body. It sounds like some kind of hobby that went horribly wrong and he could not stop himself until it was too late.

Flag tattoos-Old People With Tattoos

12.All over

This old guy is just covered in tattoos and it is up to you to work out if you think it is cool or if it looks a mess. How much money has he spent on all of this?

All over-Old People With Tattoos



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