Must Have Camping Essentials

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 6:59 pm
By:Tony Williams


Also ensure that you have plenty of seating and tables to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Surely you want to be as comfortable as possible when you are looking at connecting with nature?

Seats-Must Have Camping Essentials


You might be bringing the family pet with, so do check before hand the policy on dog and animals in the camping area you are going to. They do have the cutest sleep tents just for dogs in case you need one.

Pets-Must Have Camping Essentials


The camping area you choose to stop at, will have various forms of natural entertainment built into that area. For example, fishing or if it is a beach area, surfing and water sports. Some camping sites will have massive entertainment on tap and if you have chosen an out of the way spot you might have to supply your own. This can include story telling, toasting marshmallows, sing alongs and other fun games. Bring along a box of your children's favorite toys just in case.

Entertainment-Must Have Camping Essentials


Get the right gear, that includes walking shoes that have grip and protection for your feet in an uneven area. Do also consider getting something that will support your ankle if you are going off the beaten track.

Shoes-Must Have Camping Essentials

5.Camp Fridge

Camp fridges come in various sizes to meet various needs. There are even camp freezers available too. This way depending on how long you intend staying you will be set up nicely for your camping holiday. Chat to a camp supplier to find the best option and price for your needs.

Camp Fridge-Must Have Camping Essentials

6.Camp Stove

Camp stove choices can range from quite fancy to really quite rudimentary. Decide on which one will suit your needs beforehand. Make sure it is safe and easy to use too.

Camp Stove-Must Have Camping Essentials

7.Sunscreen, Hats and Bug Repellent

Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and bug repellent spray, all make for a great camping experiences. Without them you could be driven to absolute distraction in next to no time.

Sunscreen, Hats and Bug Repellent-Must Have Camping Essentials


Don't forget your personal toiletries which will include toilet paper, sanitary hand wash, dry shampoo, mouth wash, face wash, dental floss and other items you cannot live without!

Toiletries-Must Have Camping Essentials

9.Snack Food

Food supplies should include those foods that are easy to store and easy to eat. Include nuts and dried fruits or crisps and other dried foods. Remember that it takes much more prep time to cook on a camping site than at home.

Snack Food-Must Have Camping Essentials

10.First Aid Box

First aid is really important when you are camping. First of all it allows for an uninterrupted holiday and period of fun and relaxation. Second of all you might be quite far from a pharmacy so it makes sense to stock up. Included in your kit should be, skin soothers for bites, blisters and burns. Antiseptic wash for wounds, plasters, bandages and anti-nausea remedies.

First Aid Box-Must Have Camping Essentials

11.Camp Bed

Still focusing on camping and a good nights sleep. Another option might be a camping bed. This will lift you off the ground and give you the rest you need. They are padded and comfortable enough to allow you to rest.

Camp Bed-Must Have Camping Essentials

12.Air Mattress

You've hit the spot, pitched the tent or other desired camping accommodation then realize you cannot sleep because you are lying on a hard tent plastic floor. Don't ruin your entire holiday with bad sleep. A camping air bed will make your nights as peaceful as the scenery around you!

Air Mattress-Must Have Camping Essentials



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