12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 11:02 am
By:James Fraser

Not too many people prefer inking shapes of mountains on their bodies, but mountain tattoos look unique and exquisite. Before we go any further into this topic, let us answer this big question first. What does mount body art signify? Well, mountain tats don't have a universal or particular meaning. A mountain tattoo just means whatever the wearer wants it to express. The purpose may range anywhere from a simple love for mountains, nature, travel, etc. to overcoming a huge problem in life or memorizing a responsibility. Whether you want to know more about mountain tattoos or see some cool designs for inspiration, you may find this topic very useful. Check 12 inspirational and beautiful mountain tattoos that make you say wow!
1.This Tides And Mountains Wrist Tattoo!

It's a simple mountain tattoo, isn't it? Apparently, there's a tides tattoo on one wrist and a mountain tattoo on the other. With both being elements of nature, it is safe to assume that the wearer was trying to convey their love for nature. With that said, we can't rule out other possible meanings such as, "Life has ups and downs; you just need to be as formidable as a mountain or hill." As we said earlier, mountain tattoos convey an array of messages and emotions that vary from simple love for nature to a complex outlook of life.

This Tides And Mountains Wrist Tattoo!-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

2.A Mountain With Its Base Visible

If you think that the previous tattoo looks dull and boring, perhaps, you may like this two-dimensional yet detail-oriented mountain body art. Apparently, the base of the mountain is visible, which gives us a hint that the person was trying to tell the world that they had a side that most people didn't know. It may also signify mental stability, peace, honesty, integrity, responsibility, or even a sense of relief. The tattoo may look small, but it is good enough to be a thought-provoking one. If you get this tat on your body, it will surely make your friends curious!

A Mountain With Its Base Visible-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

3.Sun And Mountains This Time

This tattoo is another cool one on this topic, and it certainly looks better than the two tattoos we have seen earlier. The only downside is its perfectly circular shape. Many tattoo artists advise people to stay away from getting tattoos in geometric shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, etc. They believe that such patterns don't integrate well into an individual's body. Their belief makes sense, but we are sure not all people buy popular opinions. Is this circular tattoo with sun, mountains, and trees looking good? What do you say?

Sun And Mountains This Time-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

4.This Beautiful Side Tattoo

Apparently, mountains as side tattoo look very impressive. Mountains are long, and they usually exist in the form of chains, so a big tattoo like this is going to be prettier than those smaller ones we saw earlier. There is a quote right below the mountains that read as, "The wolf you feed is the wolf who wins." The quote is a straight reference to depression, so we guess that girl might have gotten the tattoo to stay positive and inspired every day. The length of the quote is almost equal to the length of those mountains, hence, both the things integrated nicely. 

This Beautiful Side Tattoo-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

5.Moon, Stars, Trees, Night Sky, And Mountains

The scene looks serene, isn't it? As we can see a path in the tattoo, it clearly has some meaning that the wearer wanted to convey to the world. Even though the mountains, dark sky, and trees look beautiful to see, the place isn't going to be pretty or safe when someone has to pass through it. Hence, this tattoo can be implicated in numerous ways. Perhaps, the wearer wanted to tell the world that he had embarked on an arduous journey to achieve something big in life or get rid of a bad habit. We don’t know, but the tat looks resourceful enough to come up many meanings.

Moon, Stars, Trees, Night Sky, And Mountains-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

6.Think Like A Mountain!

A mountain picture and a mountain quote - well, that's the most mountainous tattoo we have seen so far on this topic! As you know, "Think like a mountain" is a quote coined by Author Leopold to describe a complex thinking process. It's nice someone inked that famous quote on their body, and it would be even nicer if they could understand the intricate thought process Leopold advocated in his book, "A Sand County Almanac." If you are a bookworm, try reading the Leopold's book mentioned in this topic. You are going to love it. 

Think Like A Mountain!-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

7.This Tattoo On The Shoulder Blade

A shoulder blade is a good place for tattoos, so a mountain tattoo on it looks as good as any other tattoo. Here in the photo, the girl's tattoo looks absorbing. Apparently, there's a mountain in that tattoo with four different-looking bases. The four triangle-shaped foundations perhaps mean four different things that are something hard to assume. Unless you are friends with that girl, it is nearly impossible to come to an accurate conclusion about the meaning of the tattoo. It looks good, though.

This Tattoo On The Shoulder Blade-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos


8.A Sleeve Mountain Tattoo

Apparently, someone chose mountain art as a sleeve tattoo, and it looks brilliant. It's a body art of some steep mountains and nothing else. When we began penning down this topic, a sleeve mountain tattoo was something we didn't expect to see! Mountains are usually horizontal in shape and they look good that way, and inking them on arms can always be a challenging thing unless an individual or their tattoo artist is creative enough to come up with a beautiful idea like this. This tattoo just shows that anything can be a tattoo if you are smart enough!

A Sleeve Mountain Tattoo-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

9.This Beautiful Arm Tattoo

This tattoo has to be the best tattoo of this topic! In fact, it one of the best mountain tattoos we have ever seen. The tat looks very realistic, and as you can see, it depicts a beautiful mountain amidst morning fog. We must admit that the tattoo artist did an excellent job in turning what seems to be a complex and brilliant tattoo idea into a reality. The art is small, detail-oriented, and importantly, it invokes positive feelings. It isn't technically a 3D tattoo, but it appears lively enough to consider it to be one.

This Beautiful Arm Tattoo-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos


10.Mountain Ankle Tattoo

Apparently, a mountain tattoo looks good even on the ankle. If you are exploring some ankle tattoo design ideas, you may consider mountain art besides the other ideas you already have in mind. The only thing you need to remember, though, is that since ankle tattoos are small, you need to make sure your mountain tat is neatly drawn and has sufficient details, without which it may just look like a scar. In this photo, someone had a pine tree tattoo on the other ankle, which appears to be an excellent combination with the mountain tattoo.

Mountain Ankle Tattoo-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

11.This Mountain Foot Tattoo

The tattoo seems dull, and it is clearly not one of the best on this topic, but we still added it to this list just to give you an idea of how a mountain tattoo looks on foot. Besides arm, a foot is an ideal place for a mountain tattoo because it is just long and wide enough to accommodate a neatly drawn and detail oriented mountain art. The tattoo in this picture isn't that bad, but it missed some critical features that made it look uninspiring, especially when you see it from a distance.

This Mountain Foot Tattoo-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos

12.This Color Mountain Tattoo

This tattoo is beautiful, isn't it? If you love to have a gorgeous, big, and colorful mountain tattoo, we bet you can't find anything more inspiring and better than this. The tattoo just looks very real! As not everyone is a big fan of large, colorful, and 3D tattoos when it comes to getting one, we don't often see people with incredibly realistic tattoos. Tattoos like the one in this photo are very expensive. Remember, all it needs is one bad stroke from a tattoo artist to ruin the design! Also, there's no going back once you ink your body with big tattoos! 

This Color Mountain Tattoo-12 Impressive And Inspiring Mountain Tattoos



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