Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:26 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Stacey Betts vs. Justin Bieber

Stacey Betts has tried to sue Justin Bieber claiming that his high pitched screaming attempt at singing has actually damaged her hearing. In all honesty how many of us could claim that it has damaged our hearing or our love for music?

Stacey Betts vs. Justin Bieber-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

2.Drake vs. Erika Lee

A woman called Erika Lee said that it was her voice that was used in the song Marvin's Room. She then said that she deserved royalties and also to be accredited as one of the writers in order to get more money out of it. She was also his ex at the time.

Drake vs. Erika Lee-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

3.Marilyn Manson vs. A security guard

A security guard working at one of his shows ended up suing him because during his performance Manson tried to basically hump him. He felt as if he had been abused and ended up getting some money out of it for his troubles.

Marilyn Manson vs. A security guard-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

4.Marilyn Manson vs. A bandmate

A bandmate in his band ended up suing Marilyn Manson for using some of the money that the band had made in order to buy Nazi memorabilia. They also sued him since he used the money to buy an engagement ring for Dita Von Teese and a skeleton that belonged to a Chinese girl.

Marilyn Manson vs. A bandmate-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

5.P Diddy vs. A mad woman

A woman in New York decided that she wanted to sue P. Diddy. Was she complaining about something he had done? Maybe he had bumped into her? Nope she tried to sue him for $1 trillion for the Twin Towers falling down plus another $900 billion in child support and $100 billion in loss of income.

P Diddy vs. A mad woman-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

6.Ja Rule vs. Somebody from Baltimore

Ja Rule shot a video in an area of Baltimore in order to honor a friend who was killed there. However, a resident from the area tried to sue him for $25,000 claiming that due to the fact that the video was shot there it had let to him having emotional distress and being threatened. He lost.

Ja Rule vs. Somebody from Baltimore-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

7.The Rolling Stones vs. Richard Ashcroft

The Verve brought out a song called Bittersweet Symphony and it is an absolutely all time classic. However, due to the fact that the violin part came from a Rolling Stones song and he never credited them with it they sued, won the case, and took all of the royalties from it for eternity.

The Rolling Stones vs. Richard Ashcroft-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

8.John Fogerty vs. John Fogerty

Now this gets confusing, but basically John Fogerty, from Creedence Clearwater Revivial, was sued by his own record label when one of his solo songs sounded too much like a song from the group. This does mean that his record label sued him for sounding like himself, but he won and they lost with him then suing them for his legal costs.

John Fogerty vs. John Fogerty-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

9.Mattel vs. Aqua

Aqua had a massive hit with their song Barbie Girl, but of course Mattel had something to say about that. They claimed that it was harming their product and took them to court in order to seek damages, but the judge saw that they were all being stupid and told them to get lost.

Mattel vs. Aqua-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

10.Judas Priest vs. James Vance

OK it was not actually James himself that sued the band, but his family because James had committed suicide a few months earlier. Their lawsuit stated that Judas Priest sent out subliminal messages that led to him killing himself.

Judas Priest vs. James Vance-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music

11.RIAA vs. Gertrude Walton

The RIAA have been firing out lawsuits all over the place to people that have been downloading music illegally. However, they actually filed a lawsuit against an 83 year old woman called Gertrude Walton and were insisting that she was a major pirate. The only problem was that Gertrude was dead at the time and she had never had a computer in her house at any point.

RIAA vs. Gertrude Walton-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music


OK this is just crazy, but lawyers for the musician John Cage ended up filing a lawsuit against another musician called Mike Batt claiming he infringed on copyright. The lawsuit stated that John had a silent track on his album and that when Mike had silence on his own album that it was just blatantly copying John.

Silence-Most Stupid Lawsuits In Music



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