Most Popular Magazines 2013

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 7:48 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Ladies Home Journal

This is just a relaxing magazine that tackles different issues from beauty, to health, to money, cooking, and losing weight tips, so you can see why so many women end up buying it every month. Indeed this is ranked as the 12th most popular magazine in the US, so it must be doing something right with its content.

Ladies Home Journal-Most Popular Magazines 2013


Time magazine has been around for a long time and it is certainly one of the most influential magazines to have ever existed. It may not be reaching the heights it once did, but at the same time it still tackles various issues and if you have been on the cover of this magazine, then you know you have made it in your chosen field.

Time-Most Popular Magazines 2013

3.Women's Day

This magazine covers different issues as long as they are connected to women, so there is gossip, health, celebrity news, and some tragic heartbreaking stuff as well. However, a lot of women do buy it on a regular basis and they love the stuff inside, so that helps make it one of the best selling magazines in the country.

Women's Day-Most Popular Magazines 2013


If you love your celebrity news, then this is the magazine for you as you can see by the sample cover. It is all about gossip, so of course it is going to do well in a country that loves to know every single thing about their celebrities. It is not a high brow magazine by any means, but it is still very popular indeed.

People-Most Popular Magazines 2013

5.National Geographic

This is a cool magazine as it not only contains some of the best photographs you will see, but it also has a number of fantastic articles that are educational and informative. These articles cover the likes of history, archaeology, anthropology, geography, biology, and a whole host of other things and you are always going to find at least one story that grabs your attention.

National Geographic-Most Popular Magazines 2013

6.Family Circle

This magazine is quite homely in that it deals with various issues that should help make the home better, relationships improved, and generally just boost your quality of life. It does it all in an easy to follow manner and there is no doubt that most people get something out of reading the articles or it would not sell as well as it does.

Family Circle-Most Popular Magazines 2013

7.Good Housekeeping

It is important to point out that this is not all about housekeeping and cleaning, but instead it is a magazine for women that looks at a number of different issues that may be playing on their mind. The magazine is loved by a lot of women and it has remained popular for a number of years.

Good Housekeeping-Most Popular Magazines 2013

8.Reader's Digest

This has to be one of the oldest magazines out there right now, but people keep reading them for the sake of the different articles on a wide range of subjects. Some are informative, some are tragic in nature, some make you smile, and others make you laugh, so there is a real mix and something for everybody.

Reader's Digest-Most Popular Magazines 2013

9.Better Homes & Gardens

This magazine has been enjoyed by countless people over the decades as it deals with two things that we all have to think about when we live in our own place. It takes interior design and turns it into something that is a lot easier to understand with various tips and hints and according to the figures people love it.

Better Homes & Gardens-Most Popular Magazines 2013

10.Game Informer Magazine

This is the biggest selling magazine linked to gaming in the country and it is easy to see why that is the case. It looks at all of the new games as well as those that are currently being worked on and it does offer you a real insight into what is happening in the industry

Game Informer Magazine-Most Popular Magazines 2013

11.AARP Bulletin

It may surprise you that the Bulletin is also right up there as one of the best selling magazines in the US, but it shows the number of people that take things such as financial matters seriously and want to find out more about it. OK this magazine may not be full of laughs, but it does offer you some fantastic advice.

AARP Bulletin-Most Popular Magazines 2013

12.AARP The Magazine

As the cover itself states, this is the biggest selling magazine in the world and it has been a favorite in households across the US for a number of years. It covers a wide range of topics so there is always something for everybody and it is just generally well produced and well written making it an enjoyable read.

AARP The Magazine-Most Popular Magazines 2013



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