Most Misunderstood Things In The World

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:49 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Poor machine

You see we had this the wrong way around as we thought that they were stealing our socks, when in actual fact they are giving us a free one. Suddenly we see them in a different light and they are now our sock friends.

Poor machine-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

2.A misunderstood dog

You see even dogs can be misunderstood just because of the way that they look naturally. Come on, this little guy is seriously cute, but if he was not smiling like this you would probably have a completely different opinion of him.

A misunderstood dog-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

3.Completely misunderstood

Now what you make of this statistic is entirely up to you, but it is certainly rather interesting when you read it. Of course more people take peanuts than marijuana, and it is still illegal in most states, but the fact it has not killed anybody is interesting to say the least.

Completely misunderstood-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

4.Oh how we were fooled

Yep you have to admit that we were totally fooled here because we thought that he was indeed a bad guy, but then at the end he was not as he seemed. Notice how we can just get drawn into something when it comes to movies?

Oh how we were fooled-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

5.What's the difference?

So what actually is the difference here apart from the sexes doing the chasing? Is there any reason why one is seen as being ok while the other one isn't? There doesn't have to be a sinister reason for it happening.

What's the difference?-Most Misunderstood Things In The World


Now this is something that guys will have problems with because women are very complex and how are we to know what is going on in their minds most of the time? They are doing this to get a reaction, so maybe we need to just stop and think about it for a second.

Complicated-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

7.A reasonable explanation

Ah now you never thought of this did you that the guy may very well have a Chinese son. There you were thinking that he was just being like everybody else, but maybe there are some people with genuine reasons for it?

A reasonable explanation-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

8.That's a lot of tears

There must be a lot of sharks in the water that we do not know about if it has managed to make the entire thing salty. Are sharks actually misunderstood? Perhaps, but certainly not when they are trying to eat us.

That's a lot of tears-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

9.Not so sinister

You see at first this sounds all sinister and makes you think that she is going to do something to you, but then she turns things around and is just being nice. How easily can we be duped into all of this?

Not so sinister-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

10.Not just being cool

Now see this is something where you would just think that the guy was being an idiot and showing off when in actual fact there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he is wearing sunglasses. Maybe this does actually happen more than we realize?

Not just being cool-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

11.Well that was unexpected

See yet again you fall into a stereotype of why she is standing there in next to nothing and taking a photograph of herself. You never know what is actually going on behind the scenes due to never knowing the full story.

Well that was unexpected-Most Misunderstood Things In The World

12.Emo not understood

Ah see what happened here? You were pulled in with the cut myself part and started to think of a general stereotype due to how they look, but it shows you were wrong to do so. Let's be honest we all do this at different times anyway.

Emo not understood-Most Misunderstood Things In The World



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