Most Insanely Titled Books

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 3:57 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.You build it yourself?

Well this is a book that you will be unable to put down from the very first minute that you pick it up. It is amazing to think that this book does indeed exist because it is hardly going to be a best seller and who spends the time actually writing this in the first place?

You build it yourself?-Most Insanely Titled Books

2.It's stuck?

Ok we all know that this is linked to the character Winnie the Pooh, but surely when they were coming p with a title they would have realized that it could so easily be taken another way? It is terrible when Pooh gets stuck and it is no surprise that the rabbit has his face like that either.

It's stuck?-Most Insanely Titled Books

3.Help For All

With the trend moving to people wishing they were not circumcised perhaps this book will help them find that little bit of themselves they have lost.

Help For All-Most Insanely Titled Books

4.Nurturing Pooch!

With less and less men proposing this nifty little cookbook might just be the job for those women pandering to be housewives. There is even a special birthday cake chapter.

Nurturing Pooch!-Most Insanely Titled Books

5.Real Books For Real Men

With gender roles being bent and people all confused it is a relief to know that there is a manual for Real Men. Some of the chapters even cover how to slaughter your virgin bride, once you have found one of course.

Real Books For Real Men-Most Insanely Titled Books

6.Sometimes Husbands Are Useful

In today's economy, with food being so expensive and husbands often not even working, this book could be a life-saver. However, if you are the male and you see this book lying around, then watch your back.

Sometimes Husbands Are Useful-Most Insanely Titled Books

7.I'm Addicted To My Tractor

With so many people confessing more than just love for their cars and other vehicles, this book could hit the market in perfect timing. We just knew there was a strange relationship at times with a man and his tractor. This way, at least his family the family will know when to run.

I'm Addicted To My Tractor-Most Insanely Titled Books

8.A Method In Everything

Some farts are just plain distressing, some are loud and brash other's are sneaky and smelly and then there is Zen farting. This book perhaps teaches us the art of the relaxing and invigorating Zen Fart.

A Method In Everything-Most Insanely Titled Books

9.Pussy Lovers

This could be an excellent read for any cat lover as most cat lovers do have a limited social life? Learning to play with your pussy can certainly alleviate hours of boredom and loneliness for both you and your pussy.

Pussy Lovers-Most Insanely Titled Books

10.Interesting Reads

There is a book in all of us. Some of them change lives, some bring us to tears, others great joy and other's still show us where lost shopping carts land up.

Interesting Reads-Most Insanely Titled Books

11.This Probably Works

This book is more than likely an excellent read. Who can even consider depressing thoughts while constricting their 'butt-holes' over a 100 times a day.

This Probably Works-Most Insanely Titled Books

12.Stop Talking Poo!

To think, everyday we just drop that poop and run away and all this time it has been trying to talk to us. This book possibly tells us to stop amidst the noise. Noise? and listen!

Stop Talking Poo!-Most Insanely Titled Books



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