Most Insane Tshirts Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:24 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Lovely twins

If you saw a girl wearing this t-shirt, then it is going to be pretty obvious that you will have already met the twins because your eyes are kind of automatically drawn to them. However, at least she is quite happy to introduce them to us via a t-shirt.

Lovely twins-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

2.Jack Black wishes this was true

Well this is the kind of thing that Jack Black can only dream about because he has never had a body like this. What this then means is that this t-shirt should only ever be worn by guys that have a beer gut because that is the point where it then becomes crazy as it does not work as well if they can take the shirt off and it is the same underneath.

Jack Black wishes this was true-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

3.Yep that is certainly not flat

There can be no doubting what this t-shirt says because it is obviously telling the truth in that there are some rounded, hump shaped things in Florida. We have to thank her for taking the time to point this out to her although she appears to be pointing it out twice.

Yep that is certainly not flat-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

4.Clever, but sick

Would you be brave enough to walk around wearing this particular t-shirt? OK so it is a play on words, or in this case a play on an electronic gadget, but there is no way you could suffer from a social phobia and wear this due to the looks you would get.

Clever, but sick-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

5.In total agreement

This is the kind of t-shirt where any sane person has to be in total agreement with what it says. In actual fact some would say that that some parts of her are indeed perfect as awesome does not do those parts justice.

In total agreement-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

6.Stay clear for when it has loaded

This is the kind of t-shirt where you just hope that it is somebody making a joke and that it is not actually what is going to happen. However, you are best to err on the side of caution because boy when he blows...he blows.

Stay clear for when it has loaded-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

7.Lovely controllers

OK so you might not get far with the game with this t-shirt, but boy will you have fun trying. It is also worth stating that the wearer of the t-shirt also gets a lot out of it as well.

Lovely controllers-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

8.A clever idea

Whoever came up with this t-shirt was clearly having a genius moment because at least she is telling us what to do when we are talking to her. However, do we really need this particular bit of advice because surely it just comes naturally to us?

A clever idea-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

9.Is this legal?

OK so you have to admit that this t-shirt is rather strange to look at and you need to spend some time thinking about the designer and what they were hoping to achieve by adding a baby in this way. At one point it may appear to be funny, but then at other times it just looks strange.

Is this legal?-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

10.Just sexy

Well this is certainly a bit different for a t-shirt, but then how well it works does depend on who is wearing it in the first place. It works great here with this woman, but replace it with a guy with a big gut and suddenly it loses its appeal.

Just sexy-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

11.A big squeeze

This is the kind of t-shirt that plays with your eyes since it deceives them at every given opportunity. Clearly this shirt would look better on somebody bigger because then the idea of squeezing them would require a bigger and stronger hand.

A big squeeze-Most Insane Tshirts Ever

12.An honest opinion

Well at least this woman is being honest in what she believes in when she says she is a drunk. When you then consider that this is a police mugshot it does not take a genius to work out why she is in this photograph in the first place.

An honest opinion-Most Insane Tshirts Ever



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