Most Gross Food Names

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 12:46 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Watch out for the spread

This bread is going to be something that very few people want to try because you worry about the ingredients that have been used to make it. Surely companies check how their names are perceived in other languages before they make the food? Semen bread will certainly not sell well in the US.

Watch out for the spread-Most Gross Food Names

2.The pervert

Now either an advertising executive was stupid or they were actually very clever and it is difficult to know which is which. Sure it is innocent, but in a way it is also gross because they are just going to be far too salty.

The pervert-Most Gross Food Names

3.Rather unfortunate

Well this name is rather unfortunate, but of course the problem is with its English translation rather than the name itself. In all honesty they could have helped themselves out by not having that background on an advert.

Rather unfortunate-Most Gross Food Names

4.Think about the kids!

Surely somebody must have pointed out the problem here because it sounds as if this is limited to that very small cannibal market. You also worry about them referring to it as a classic because how long have they been doing this for?

Think about the kids!-Most Gross Food Names

5.Watch out for later

Well this is not exactly going to be particularly appetizing is it? It will make you feel slightly concerned as you spread it on your meal and then you are going to be particularly petrified once it is waiting to reappear in order to see if it stays true to its name.

Watch out for later-Most Gross Food Names

6.Poor swallow

Poor swallow discovering that its balls ends up in a packet for us to eat. The fact that they then say they are vegetarian just adds insult to injury. What must the other birds think??

Poor swallow-Most Gross Food Names

7.Lovely possum

Well who can ever resist possum? However the scariest part is the type of gravy that it is also in because that is surely the most disgusting part of the entire dish? What were they thinking about??

Lovely possum-Most Gross Food Names

8.Mmm buzzard

The best part about this is that they feel the need to marinade it in a cream sauce, so that is clearly just to get rid of some of the overpowering buzzard taste that is going to smack your taste buds. Better be quick though or this could fly off the shelves.

Mmm buzzard-Most Gross Food Names

9.I prefer Pepsi

Ok so first the name is just so, so wrong, but the worrying thing is if the name is also accurate and there are people in Ghana that actually pee cola. If they did, then at least they never have to worry about running out, but they will clearly be limited to what they can do in any given day.

I prefer Pepsi-Most Gross Food Names


What on earth do you need to season with bird crap? There is no food in the world that could actually be bettered thanks to bird crap, oh wait some food from that cheap take away place around the corner could do with it.

Seasoning??-Most Gross Food Names

11.Sick name!

The question here is whether or not you end up repeating the name on a regular basis after you eat it. There is just something wrong with this name and it could certainly force you to go back to McDonald's instead.

Sick name!-Most Gross Food Names

12.Big bottle

Well who knew that you could get butt massage in a jar? Paula Deen is clearly trying to get a foothold in some new market that we are so far unaware of, but do you cook it? Do you rub it in? What is going on?

Big bottle-Most Gross Food Names



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