Most Dangerous Knives

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Giant Swiss army knife

This knife is not the most dangerous for other people, but it has to be one of the most dangerous for the owner. This knife takes you so long to work out the right blade to use that the person you are trying to protect yourself from has a head start on you, oh and it is that heavy you could pull a muscle trying to carry it.

Giant Swiss army knife-Most Dangerous Knives

2.Knife pistol

Ok this does look a bit strange, but it is certainly going to be right up there as one of the most dangerous knives in the world. However, if you are at the point where you need to stab somebody, then surely it means you are not a very good shot?

Knife pistol-Most Dangerous Knives

3.Wasp knife

This knife is scary because not only can it cause you damage by stabbing you, but at the same time it can also inject gas into the wound that then freezes. Why anybody would even want to come up with this kind of knife is unknown, but it is crazy and very dangerous indeed.

Wasp knife-Most Dangerous Knives

4.Eickhorn Advanced

This knife was designed by a German company and one of the key things here is the ease with which it can be handled. It also comes with a wire cutter on it and clearly that is beneficial in certain situations, but the blade is going to be difficult to break and overall this really is deadly.

Eickhorn Advanced-Most Dangerous Knives

5.Gerber Mark II

This knife was actually seen by some experts, and people in armies around the world, as being too ferocious and it was actually taken off the market some time later. It does look like a rather nasty piece of equipment and one single blow can easily result in your death, so that fact alone makes it dangerous.

Gerber Mark II-Most Dangerous Knives

6.M-9 Bayonet

Just look at that edge and say that it does not worry you? This is a knife that may indeed be classed as a bayonet, but think of the damage it could cause in the wrong hands or if it came lunging at you. How scared would you be knowing that this could quite easily kill?

M-9 Bayonet-Most Dangerous Knives

7.The push dagger

The scary part about this dagger is that it sits nicely in a pouch and it can then be slipped out and held comfortably between your fingers to then push it quickly and quietly into the body of the victim. It is not very long, but it will still mess them up and you can then slip away after it as well.

The push dagger-Most Dangerous Knives


When it comes to a knife that is being used for close combat fighting, then the fact that this version comes with both a blade and knuckledusters does make it one seriously crazy knife. If you are unable to stab somebody, then perhaps you can knock them out before doing anything else?

BC-41-Most Dangerous Knives

9.The lipstick knife

This is dangerous because of the way in which it can be easily concealed. The blade may not be very long, but it can still get in there and do some damage and you can see why some women would want to carry it around for some protection. The fact it is so hidden, but still capable of hurting makes it dangerous.

The lipstick knife-Most Dangerous Knives

10.Scorpion wrist knife

It is fair to say that this knife is actually seriously crazy because just take one look at it and try to say that it is a normal knife to own? Instead, this is something that should only have stayed in a comic book or in Hollywood, but considering you can buy it for next to nothing, then it means dangerous people can afford a dangerous knife.

Scorpion wrist knife-Most Dangerous Knives

11.Shark knife

You have to admit that you will be looking at this knife and wondering just what on earth is going on. There are so many blades and options available to you that it is pretty much impossible to know which part you would go ahead and actually use first.

Shark knife-Most Dangerous Knives

12.Walking stick knife

Knives can be hidden away and a Mrs Cole in Durban was presented with a walking stick as a present by her daughter. However, unbeknown to both of them there was a long knife inside and Mrs Cole, who was in a care home, discovered this and was then wandering around with a knife in a place where you do not exactly want to have them.

Walking stick knife-Most Dangerous Knives



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