Most Beautiful Fishes

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 6:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Juvenile Emperor Anglefish

OK, even if you are not a fish fan you have to admit that this guy is cool. There is also the chance that his markings are going for your eyes right now as they are strong, bold, and just capture your attention. This is a fish you will tend to find in the likes of Australia, so if you are scuba diving there keep an eye out for him.

Juvenile Emperor Anglefish-Most Beautiful Fishes


This disc shaped fish is just one of several types in the water, but this little guy is helped by the fact that the orange and white flecks works well making him one of the most beautiful fish in the water. There is just something about the shape that intrigues people as we forget that fish can indeed be like this, but ultimately it is all about the way he looks and he looks seriously cool.

Symphysodon-Most Beautiful Fishes

3.Mantis Shrimp

Yet again it is the colors in this little guy that marks him out as being one of the most beautiful fish in the world. The brightness of the colors really are second to none and even though they may not work together as colors when decorating a room they do help to make this fish stand out from any other shrimp that you may come across.

Mantis Shrimp-Most Beautiful Fishes

4.Rainbow Parrotfish

This big guy really does have some character about him, but ultimately it is all about the colors that is the important thing here. The kind of blue green color is certainly different, but the splashes of other colors in there really is what makes this guy out to be different to all of the other fish in the water. It is also the case that he looks like a gentle giant for some reason as well.

Rainbow Parrotfish-Most Beautiful Fishes


Once again with this fish it is the color of it that makes it really stand out because it is a rather striking fish thanks to that blue. In all honesty the yellow on the tip of the fins really does just help it along a bit and even though it is quite a small fish it is certainly one of the nicest you can look at.

Peacock-Most Beautiful Fishes

6.Moorish Idol

You have to admit that this is a seriously nice fish. Those sweeping lines, the black against the yellow and white, and even just the shape of it makes this out to be one of the most beautiful fish on the planet. Just accept that you would love to own this little guy.

Moorish Idol-Most Beautiful Fishes


Yes this is the rather humble guppy, but it is still a beautiful fish that you are going to love to own. This is the perfect fish for anybody that is getting started at owning an aquarium and it is really nice to look at and will certainly start to get some interest in looking after fish. It also shows you do not have to be all exotic to end up being a beautiful fish.

Guppy-Most Beautiful Fishes

8.Purple betta

With this fish it has to be the markings on it that makes it beautiful because they do have some crazy patterns going on here and the colors really do just add to it all. The only part you are unsure about is those eyes as they do stand out quite a lot, but overall it is quite a cool looking fish that would look great in your tank.

Purple betta-Most Beautiful Fishes


Yes this is Nemo, but his real name is a clownfish even though for some reason Nemo sounds better. This little fish is bright, it is fast, and it has become very popular thanks to that one little movie. You can see how he will stand out from the crowd with his colors and ultimately people are going to ask you about him and shout out that you have indeed found Nemo.

Clownfish-Most Beautiful Fishes

10.Blueface Anglefish

It is easy to see where this fish gets its name from when you look at it because that blue face really does stand out from the rest. In actual fact the color works very well indeed with the yellow resulting in a fish that really is quite stunning to look at as you wonder just why the blue is so strong and vivid.

Blueface Anglefish-Most Beautiful Fishes

11.Banggai Cardinal

How cool does this little guy look? The Banggai Cardinal fish may not be one that you would automatically pick out as being something you would own, but you could probably sit and watch this little guy for hours and guests will certainly ask you what it is as soon as they set eyes on him.

Banggai Cardinal-Most Beautiful Fishes

12.Clown Trigger

The clown trigger fish really is a nice fish to look at as the patterns on it are different from what you would expect to find on something that lives in the sea. The white dots and bright yellow color around the mouth are very distinctive and you can just see how this fish could really brighten up the inside of your home aquarium if you owned one.

Clown Trigger-Most Beautiful Fishes



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