Most Scary Dogs

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 11:19 am
By:Tony Williams


Looking trained and ready, Soldier is menacing without even showing his teeth. In the hands of the right handler, he is obedient, but threaten him in any way, and watch out. Look at those muscles. He is one powerful pooch with an attitude/ You better keep him on your good side.

Soldier-Most Scary Dogs


Fighter looks more startled than mean, but at first glance he is a terror. Sitting guard, he is ready for action should an intruder come around. His eyes, looking quite devil-like, are aware and as sharp as any marine hiding in trench. A great dog to have on your side, and not one you want against you.

Fighter-Most Scary Dogs

3.Spider Dog

This dog in costume is one of the scariest dogs I've ever seen. Imagine a spider that big, with that face? A crazy idea and a terrifying illusion. Does this dog even know he is looking like a spider. Somehow I feel that Halloween is lost on our furry friends.

Spider Dog-Most Scary Dogs


Groucho means it when makes that face. Don't give him any back talk or he will lay the smack down. Maybe even take your legs out with those sharp little fangs. As Shakespeare said, he may be little but he is fierce. Small dogs are often the biggest of the aggressors.

Groucho-Most Scary Dogs

5.Furry Beast

After a long day, furmeister just let's it all hang out. He ain't afraid of mugging the camera either. With his imposing figure and piercing eyes, he can surely scare off any lunatic crazy enough to have a problem and get close to him. But for him, loving is better than fighting.

Furry Beast-Most Scary Dogs


Binky can smell a rat from a mile away. She doesn't take any crap off anyone. Go ahead and tease her about going outside and she will take your leg. Curl up too close on the couch with her and count the seconds before the growl and teeth come out.

Binky-Most Scary Dogs

7.Gnarly Shepherd

Go ahead and make a sound walking by gnarly, here, and he may take your head off. He loves his naps and times to dream, and anyone that interrupts that time must pay a certain price. It could just be a little scare by the pearly whites, or a pants dangle around the yard.

Gnarly Shepherd-Most Scary Dogs

8.Crossed Eyed Willy

Wild eyed and willing to sniff out any stench, willy is determined to break new barriers. Not only can he scare the pants off any passerby foolish enough to look at him the wrong way, but he will shakedown any grasshopper or bug in sight. It's the fleas that get him.

Crossed Eyed Willy-Most Scary Dogs

9.Demon Ears

No matter which way you turn, this blood thirsty beast will find and destroy you. Quickness on his feet and a crazed wit beyond all his peers, allows him to rule the lands of back yard Los Angeles. All the towns dog step aside when this guy starts throwing his weight around.

Demon Ears-Most Scary Dogs

10.Doggy Hercules

Hercules is in the house. After her busts through his collar and tears it up on the play ground, this behemoth is showing the other dogs at the gym how its done. The bitches just love him and can't get enough of his mojo. Sometimes his roof rages get out of hand, though.

Doggy Hercules-Most Scary Dogs

11.Crypt Keeper

Put the kids to bed and turn the lights down, cause the crypt keeper is in. You thought this smile was scary back in the day, but now, not only is there more hiss and charm in me, but more tales to tell that will scare the wits out of you.

Crypt Keeper-Most Scary Dogs


You better have a suit of armor on if you ever have a run in with this furry fellow. If the terminator was gonna have a doggy by his side, this guy would surely be cast. From the fangs to the paws, this friend of man is right out of prehistory.

Beast-Most Scary Dogs


There is just something about having a dog with crisp, pearly, white teeth. Maybe it's about showing them off to people at the dog park, or letting the mail man know how important he is. Either way, people and pups alike, will surely take notice of that of that bright smile!

Chomper-Most Scary Dogs



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