Most Mysterious Places In The World

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:01 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mystery Spot

This is a strange optical illusion in Santa Cruz where everything just looks as if it is at angles, yet you can stand on them and take photographs like this. You have to admit that it really is mysterious, but it is the kind of place you would love to go and check out just to satisfy your very own curiosity.

Mystery Spot-Most Mysterious Places In The World

2.Easter island

Just why were all of these heads put here on Easter Island? How did they get here? What is their purpose? So many questions and they are things that we will never actually know the answer to and this only helps add to the mystery of them. You have to admit that you are now sitting puzzled.

Easter island-Most Mysterious Places In The World

3.Cano Cristales

This is in Colombia and you have to admit that you will have never seen anything like this before in your entire life. This is entirely natural and has not been altered in any way, so what do you make of it? Why are those colors there like that? What trick is mother nature playing?

Cano Cristales-Most Mysterious Places In The World

4.Loch Ness

Nessie has to be one of the most famous monsters in the entire world and millions of people have visited Loch Ness in Scotland in the hope of catching a sight of her. Whether or not there is something actually there is up for debate, but at the same time there is something spooky about the place and even if you do not believe in her you cannot stop yourself from take a look anyway.

Loch Ness-Most Mysterious Places In The World

5.Great Pyramids

Is it any surprise that the Pyramids are in this list? OK we know quite a lot about them, but at the same time there is still so much that is a mystery to us. People feel that they are mysterious just by being close to them, but imagine what it is like inside and imagine what it must have been like back when they were being built and how mysterious they felt?

Great Pyramids-Most Mysterious Places In The World

6.Angkor Wat

This is an ancient temple, but it is massive and it just seems to elaborate and over the top that there is a real mystery about it. You need to actually go there and experience it to see what it is all about, but be prepared to spend an entire day there as that is the only way you can do it justice.

Angkor Wat-Most Mysterious Places In The World


This place in Mexico just looks so out of place compared to everything else, but it is a site that is going to take your breath away if you ever venture there. The size of the monuments is amazing and ultimately you are going to find that your mind will run away with you as you try to take in everything that is around you.

Teotihuacan-Most Mysterious Places In The World


Stonehenge in England is one of the most amazing sites you can ever visit. This place is older than the pyramids, but at the same time we are not sure what it was built for or even what its exact purpose is. However, there is something mystical and mysterious about this place and you will feel it if you ever go there.

Stonehenge-Most Mysterious Places In The World

9.Nazca Lines

These lines in Peru have puzzled people for centuries because they clearly represent something, but we have absolutely no idea what they could be. There are various animals and lines over a vast area, but what are they doing? Why are they there?

Nazca Lines-Most Mysterious Places In The World

10.Bermuda Triangle

This is a part of the world where so many airplanes and boats have gone missing and nobody can actually explain as to why it happens. In actual fact there are some people that will never even venture there due to the risks involved.

Bermuda Triangle-Most Mysterious Places In The World

11.Area 51

When it comes to mysterious places in the world, then Area 51 has to be included. This is mysterious due to the things that go on there that only very few people know about, but loads more love to speculate about. Is this the place where they have an alien?

Area 51-Most Mysterious Places In The World



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