Most Ironic Pictures

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 12:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Rusted Oleum

Isn't the whole idea of this product is that Rust-Oleum supposed to stop rust? That's what they advertise, anyway. However, this can of Rust-Oleum should be named Rusted-Oleum, because the spout and the can are obviously rusted. A funny and ironic twist to their claim, don't you think?

Rusted Oleum-Most Ironic Pictures

2.Procrastination Postponed

Do people think before they post something? It doesn't seem that way with this sign. The posting is about a Procrastination Workshop, meaning that it is for people who puts things off, postpone things, and wait until the last minute to complete tasks. Oh ... it's been postponed, probably by a procrastinating teacher.

Procrastination Postponed-Most Ironic Pictures

3.Covering Up Pollutinon

Give a hoot, don't pollute? Well, this sign is very misleading, but very truthful if you look at it in the right way. While it may look like the workers are painting away the pollution, it could very well be that they are painting the pollution onto the sign. Which way do you see it?

Covering Up Pollutinon-Most Ironic Pictures


4.Tossed In The Trash

A funny and ironic end to this compelling sign that warns us about throwing away our lives. To end up in the trash seems like an unfit place to be. Maybe the sign should be covered with a cloth or something so it's not look up at us so pathetically.

Tossed In The Trash-Most Ironic Pictures

5.Safe Texting While Driving

Billboards are a huge distraction to drivers, especially when they give a warning and then leave a text number. It's even worse when the message warns about the dangers of texting but then gives a way to text. Just reading the billboard can cause accidents. /the sign should read, "Don't read this sign, look at the road."

Safe Texting While Driving-Most Ironic Pictures

6.When OK Is Not Okay

OK is a variable word that is used interchangeably and is often misunderstood. The word okay is often shortened to OK and used wrong in so many ways, and now with the introduction of the "OK" button meaning enter on so many devices, it is even more confusing. Confused, press OK?

When OK Is Not Okay-Most Ironic Pictures

7.A Limit On Unlimited

This hilarious and ironic sign is probably not realized by the store owners as to how ridiculous it sounds. If the magazines are unlimited then how could they be out of stock. Someone on the chain should have noticed this oxymoron. Maybe the wordsmith, the graphic designer, the store owner, someone could have stopped it before it went up.

A Limit On Unlimited-Most Ironic Pictures

8.Obesity And Fast Food

Ironically these two billboards were purchased by two very opposing companies. The top one speaks of childhood obesity and how they can help, but they are positioned over an ad for McDonalds, the biggest culprit in childhood obesity ever. The billboard company only collects the money and puts up the ads, they don't censor what goes where.

Obesity And Fast Food-Most Ironic Pictures

9.When Life Gives You Lemons

This is really what should be in a box of Life cereal. Life almost always gives you some lemons, but it's what you do with those lemons that speaks the most about your character as a human being. It's the game of life people, grab a lemon and make some lemonade ... or a lemon martini. The choice is yours.

When Life Gives You Lemons-Most Ironic Pictures

10.Escalator To Fitness

How many times do you see this. Fitness facilities with elevators and escalators with supposedly fit people using them? Almost all the time, right? What about the fitness fanatics in your office building, or apartment complex, who take the elevator after a long run. So strange.

Escalator To Fitness-Most Ironic Pictures

11.Graves Grave

In an ironic twist of fate, Doublas E. Graves has a grave under a gravestone marked "Graves." He had to know someday this would be his reality, and it seems there is another Graves waiting to be added to the gravestone. Say this all three times fast, it's quite the tongue twister.

Graves Grave-Most Ironic Pictures

12.Obedience Training

Seems Fido went to Obedience Training and that he even got a certificate, but what happened. He looks pretty darn guilty after tearing up his certificate in a fit of doggie rebellion. At least he looks remorseful, right? Maybe it's his way of saying, "you're not the boss of me."

Obedience Training-Most Ironic Pictures



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