Most Incredible Face Paintings

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:46 pm
By:Tony Williams


If you really want to look like a zombie, this face painting is the way to go. The hood actually adds a nice touch as well, but the most striking parts to this piece of art is what appears to be bullet holes in his forehead and the ripped mouth. Lots of detail pull this piece together.

Zombie-Most Incredible Face Paintings


Now this is downright corny. Such a completely realistic face painting, with straw to resemble the corn's hair. This guy looks like a cob of corn still in it's husk. The detailed painting of the niblets is excellent, as you see the variants of color between white, yellow and gold.

Corny-Most Incredible Face Paintings

3.Zipper Face

A great idea Halloween, no mask needed. This girl has a truly elaborate face painting to appear as if her skin is being unzipped, to reveal bloody tissue underneath, while bleeding from the eyes. This is a very realistic painting, but also very scary. Tread with caution, you might even scare yourself.

Zipper Face-Most Incredible Face Paintings

4.Flower Power

By painting the flower over this girl's eye, it becomes three dimensional, making the flower appear to pop off the face. With the middle of the flower looking to be sunken in as it is painted over the eye and eye socket, the rest of the flower looks life like as it opens around it.

Flower Power-Most Incredible Face Paintings

5.Burger Face

Love burgers? Would you want to look like a burger, or in this case a cheeseburger with pickles on it? This guy does, and he goes full out. Luckily, he doesn't have a lot of hair, making the perfect canvas for the bun. Using lots of detail you can even see the sesame seeds.

Burger Face-Most Incredible Face Paintings


This face painting is scary in many ways. Not only is his face painted to look monstrous, but the mouth just creeps you out. Using his mouth, chin and neck, it appears that the monster has a gaping and gigantic mouth, under a frizzy back wig. Who needs a mask for Halloween?

Monster-Most Incredible Face Paintings

7.Taz Devil

Some people love the Tasmanian Devil so much they will go to any lengths to replicate him. In this case, the guy has painted not only his face, but his neck and upper body, giving us the illusion that Taz is really there. With cardboard ears and fur, he brings the beloved character to life.

Taz Devil-Most Incredible Face Paintings

8.Talking Out Of The Side Of Her Mouth

An intricate creation on this woman's face as blue paint transforms the side of her head. Wearing a grey wig, the most striking part of this face painting is the mouth, opened up on the side of the face, with strange and extra large teeth. A very lifelike piece of art.

Talking Out Of The Side Of Her Mouth-Most Incredible Face Paintings

9.Ice Cream Lover

You'd have to a die hard ice cream love to paint this on your face. Painting not only his face, but down his chin and neck, you get the illusion that he really is licking an ice cream cone, but there is something really weird about the way he is licking it.

Ice Cream Lover-Most Incredible Face Paintings

10.Doggie Dog

It's hard to tell where the person ends and the dog begins, in this piece of face art. Looking like a St. Bernard dog, the artwork blends from the person's face to his neck, complete with the little barrel under his neck. A great display of art, complete with hanging tongue and perky ears.

Doggie Dog-Most Incredible Face Paintings


An odd face painting of the older generation Superman, this guy gets really into it, by painting his chest to look like he is wearing the man of steel's red and blue suit. You can even see a piece of his non-existent cape hanging on his shoulder. A very lifelike piece of art.

Superman-Most Incredible Face Paintings


Did this guy want to be Conan O'Brien so bad that he had to paint his face to look like him? It appears so, but in this case he chose to create more of a caricature on the side of his face, a mighty detailed caricature, right down to the crazy, poufed up red hair.

Conan-Most Incredible Face Paintings



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