Most Hated Things About Disneyland

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:10 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Main Street Electrical Parade

Outrageously expensive, the Electrical Parade is a draw for most children, who drag their parents to see it. If you can even get close to it. The mob scene lining the parade path is like a wall, that's hard to breakthrough. And, once you're in, you ask yourself, "was it worth all this trouble?"

Main Street Electrical Parade-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

2.Bilingual Announcements

There are way too many signs and announcements in too many different languages. It becomes really annoying to have to hear it all, especially since it can be repeated over and over and over gain. And where does it stop, because some languages are definitely left out. Won't those people be offended? It should be all or just English. Why pick and choose?

Bilingual Announcements-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

3.Outdated Rides

With outdated rides like they have in Toon Town at Disneyland, adults hate the thought of going there. Other major theme parks have kept up with the trends, while Disney is still stuck in the old days. While the little kids may be amused, the older kids and parents certainly are not.

Outdated Rides-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

4.Ride Closures

With the amount of money that Disneyland makes off of admission, you would think they could keep the rides up and running. The park is not open all night. There is plenty of time for maintenance. Sure, we don't want to ride on faulty equipment, but get it together, you're Disney.

Ride Closures-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

5.Long Lines

Waiting in long lines is part of the Disneyland experience. That's why you need a week to see the whole park because, during busy times of the year, you might get in about four rides at the most. Wait lines can be up to two hours sometimes, and try explaining that to little Billy who has no concept of time and wants to wait.

Long Lines-Most Hated Things About Disneyland


Being shoved and prodded along by park employees makes you feel like you are cattle. They can be very rude, and think that just because they wear the Disney logo, they are above all else. The power really seems to go to their heads as their favorite phrase is, "move it."

Employees-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

7.Food Costs

For what you pay to eat at Disneyland you could have a fine dining experience and there are no screaming kids to deal with. Almost $20 for a burger and fries, and that's without the million gallon soda that they sell for almost just as much money as your entire meal.

Food Costs-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

8.Stoller Armageddon

Stroller wheels banging up against your heels, no matter where you are. In line for a ride, at the snack stand, or just walking, there they are tons of them. Strollers are everywhere and the moms that push them don't seem to realize that there are people in front of them.

Stoller Armageddon-Most Hated Things About Disneyland


The crowds can get really annoying at Disneyland, with all the hot people, and we don't mean "hot" in the sense of being attractive, we literally mean hot people, bumping into you. It's usually very warm there and with all the people baring their skin, and brushing up against you with sweaty bodies, it can be too much too take.

Crowds-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

10.Tram Drivers

The tram drivers are so annoying with all their warning announcements, some of them that are just plain commonsense. "Keep your arms and hands inside the tram at all times, please collapse al strollers, no children on your lap unless they are under the age of 10, and so on and so on and so on.

Tram Drivers-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

11.Scooter Poachers

The number of people who don't need scooters, but rent them anyway, is ridiculous. There are only so many of these electric transportation devised, and if you don't get there early you may end up with nothing. Some people really and truly need them to get around the park, while others are just lazy and use their weight as an excuse.

Scooter Poachers-Most Hated Things About Disneyland

12.Price of Admission

The price of admission to Disneyland is astronomically high, especially when you consider that it was only a dollar to get into the park in 1955. Today an adult admission ticket is $87 and for kids, $81, wow $6 savings if your under 9 years old. So for a family of four it would cost $336 just to get in. That's not to mention food, toys, souvenirs and other things you encounter along the way.

Price of Admission-Most Hated Things About Disneyland



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