Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:25 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Crossed arrows

This crossed arrows tattoo is another basic one that Miley has decided to have put on her body and this time she has it on her right arm. This is a symbol that is linked to Native American Indians, so there has been some thought put into it although why she settled on this one really is unknown, but Miley will have a good enough reason for it.

Crossed arrows-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

2.Sugar skull

This little sugar skull is on her ankle and it is something that she had done in conjunction with her beau at the time to make sure that they had something that matched. The tattoo is certainly not the best and it is a strange subject to have put on you, but at least it is small and kind of out of the way, which is unusual for Miley.

Sugar skull-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

3.Equal sign

These two lines on her finger are supposed to represent the equal sign, but at least with this there does appear to be some meaning behind it. She says that it represents her belief in equal rights for gay marriage, so it is cool she is standing up for something she believes in, but two lines is all she feels like doing?

Equal sign-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos


Miley has the word 'karma' tattooed on the inside of her index finger and you wonder the kind of karma she thinks she could get in her life. Once again it is another simple tattoo that she has had put onto a very prominent position in her body, so surely there is a point where she feels that a more complex and detailed tattoo would be better?

Karma-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

5.Peace sign

If you look closely you will see that Miley also has a peace sign on her finger even though it is partly hidden away in this photograph. The strange thing is that she started it off by having just a single line before it evolved into this symbol a couple of months later. Why she did not get the full thing done at the one time really is something that only she can answer.

Peace sign-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos


Yes Miley does indeed have a simple tattoo of a heart on her pinkie. It is very plain and very boring, but for some reason she seems to love these kinds of tattoos all over her body, so it should be no real surprise that she has gone for something like this in such a prominent position.

Heart-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

7.Rolling Stone

Do you want to know the mad part about this? Miley actually had this tattoo done while she was conducting an interview? How mad is it to decide that you are bored enough to then get a tattoo done when you should basically be concentrating on something else? Of course she then put it on Instagram to show it off to the world.

Rolling Stone-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

8.Da Vinci Heart

This is another tattoo that Miley has that is actually a bit unusual because you wonder why she would go ahead and get this drawing of the heart by Da Vinci put on her body? Surely she is not a fan of his work and decided to show this off by getting the tattoo? Nope instead there will be some other obscure reason as to why she has gone ahead and had this done.

Da Vinci Heart-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos


For some reason you do not expect her to get a quote by Theodore Roosevelt on her arm, but that is what she went ahead and had done as this picture shows. The quote is ' so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.' It is quite a good quote, but what it is doing on her arm is a mystery.

Roosevelt-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos


Miley also has a dream catcher tattoo on her right side as this image shows. It is partly covered up, but you see enough of it to get the overall idea of how it looks and also the size of the finished tattoo. This is another strange one to get on this part of the body, but then that seems to be a recurring theme when it comes to Miley.

Dreamcatcher-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos


If you look close enough you will see that Miley does actually have the word Love tattooed inside her right ear. This is a strange place to have one and it is not even the best tattoo out there, but she must be happy with it even though others look at it puzzled. Why the ear Miley?

Love-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos

12.Just Breathe

Miley has this tattooed just under her left boob and does it have some deep hidden meaning, or is she reminding herself that she needs to keep on doing it in order to survive? Clearly there is not much detail to this tattoo as it is simply two words, but at least the writing is well done and the tattoo is clear to see unlike several other word versions that are available to see online.

Just Breathe-Miley Cyrus And Her Tattoos



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